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Friday, September 1, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/09/01 - Empowering Men's Health: From Urging Tests to Encouraging Comprehensive Care

Facebook Live Video from 2023/09/01 - Empowering Men's Health: From Urging Tests to Encouraging Comprehensive Care


2023/09/01 - Empowering Men's Health: From Urging Tests to Encouraging Comprehensive Care

[NEW EPISODE] Empowering Men's Health: From Urging Tests to Encouraging Comprehensive Care

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am (EDT)


Steve will tell the story of having met the day-to-day challenges and pressures of an athletic career for over twenty years, only to have to face down the humbling realities of prostate cancer. When he came out on the other side of surgery and recovery, he made a call to Ed Randall, asking to be "a foot soldier in (his) army." That role has expanded to helping to manage strategy for a modest-sized but hard-working charity that supports men at all stages of their prostate cancer journeys.

Fans for the Cure was founded in 2003 by sports broadcaster Ed Randall to bring awareness of and education about prostate cancer to men, with an emphasis on the importance of early detection. The charity has evolved from bringing its message to sporting events to supporting and organizing health fairs and screenings in underserved and vulnerable communities. Fans for the Cure also moderates over fifty support groups annually for both men and for women/partners/caregivers. The charity also refers between 100 and 200 men each year to trusted urologists and oncologists for diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship monitoring.

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00:00:40.580 --> 00:00:56.139 Tommy D: focus is back. It's a Friday morning. Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the ground. Buy me some peanuts and crack at Jack's man. I don't care if I ever get back. Let's root root for the mets. Yes, it is

00:00:56.140 --> 00:01:20.580 Tommy D: the first of September. Not a good time for the Queen's Baseball Club, my New York Metropolitan. We will not talk much about that today, my son still roots for the mets I go. Are they still playing, anyway? I'm still rocking my Johan Santana Jersey, because this is one of my favorites, my new friend. We've only known each other for about 6 min, but my new friend, Steve Garvey, is here. Good morning, Steve Garvey. How are you, sir?

00:01:22.290 --> 00:01:40.569 Steve Garvey: Great to be with you. But, my new friend, how are you rocking and rolling man? You know I'm so proud of you for keeping that jersey on, you know, when, when others would take it off and hang it up for the season. II do appreciate the compliment. I will say I was at the Stadium on

00:01:40.600 --> 00:01:42.879 Tommy D: Sunday I was there

00:01:43.130 --> 00:02:09.050 Tommy D: with the Scotch Beagle Memorial Fund, which is my friend Linda and Michael Shoman run a special organization that takes Young people affected by gun violence to camp each summer in memory of their son Scotch Beagle, who's tried tragically killed in the parkland, shooting down in Florida a number of years back I was there with those folks, and really just a special day. And my kids, my 2 sons got to run the bases at City Field, and I'll tell you, Steve.

00:02:09.050 --> 00:02:19.970 Tommy D: partially through the game I was texting with my Buddy Brendan Levy and Tom Grech from the Queen's Chamber of commerce, and they were celebrating up in one of the suites. It was Hello, Taiwan Day

00:02:19.970 --> 00:02:41.280 Tommy D: at City Field. So I actually I left my Hello, Taiwan. Had I had it on yesterday. I left it downstairs for this link, but I was there, and I got to go up to the suites, and I took my sons up to the suite, and it was just like II get to do that sometimes because of the relationships. I make sure another good nonprofit friend of mine, John Miller, from America's Vet. Dogs and the Guide Dog Foundation. John's coming up on the show.

00:02:41.280 --> 00:03:05.160 Tommy D: Yeah, I think probably next month we'll make that happen. And and you know, it's it's really important to me to continue to shine a light on these nonprofit organizations and not just name drop about the Mech game and who I was there with, but really because the people I wanna spend time with other people that are changing the world that are making an impact. And that's what philanthropy and focus is about. That's what my journey is about. That's what my mission is about is to help nonprofit organizations tell their story

00:03:05.330 --> 00:03:29.790 Tommy D: and amplify their message. And that's what I Googled. What does a nonprofit sector connector do? And there was nothing there because I created the nonprofit sector connected thing. So I have to do a Wikipedia for myself, Steve Garvey, although I was studying your Wikipedia morning, for sure you know infamous, I mean, yeah, I don't know. II don't like Copone was infamous. I don't know if I want to be infamous or not. I just mean I just might be unfamous as what I am. I think, Dexter.

00:03:29.790 --> 00:03:42.899 Steve Garvey: you know I remember now you know what the saying is, only God knows the truth on Wikipedia. Well, it's funny, like II use Wikipedia to get information. And I was this is a true story last night.

00:03:42.900 --> 00:03:43.670 Tommy D: Absolutely.

00:03:43.670 --> 00:04:12.609 Tommy D: I'm shooting a video right with my kids in the haven so we could promote the show today. And I go do me a favor, Wikipedia. Steve Garvey, because I gotta know some more stuff about it, because while while I was shooting, so I had to say, you know, 10 time all Star World Series Champion, and on and on while I was doing this video yesterday. So my son says, our teacher tells us not to use Wikipedia and not to use Google, because sometimes the information is wrong. And I said, Don't listen to that, teacher. The Internet is always right, and I'm just kidding. I did not say that

00:04:12.610 --> 00:04:15.669 Steve Garvey: all the good stuff was right. All the other stuff

00:04:15.740 --> 00:04:31.210 Steve Garvey: question it. Yes, which you're doing is you're a disciple. You're spreading the word for people who realize that you know life is God's gift to us, and what we do. It is our gift to Him, and be able to to give back. You know he's given us so much, and and whether it's

00:04:31.440 --> 00:04:56.340 Steve Garvey: my playing on the field for 20 years with the dodgers and padre millions of people, or your ability to to work within the health community and then take it on air like this for us to talk and hopefully inspire people to join us in the march, to define cures and help others. I love it, man, that's so great. So let's let's dive into. Who is this guy, Steve Garvey? Because I told a lot of people you were coming on my show like, How do you get Steve Garvey? Tommy D. And I said.

00:04:56.340 --> 00:05:10.879 Steve Garvey: Don't you understand? On the nonprofit sector connected? But honestly, Steve.

00:05:11.010 --> 00:05:14.340 Steve Garvey: yeah, yeah, there's a big a big

00:05:14.650 --> 00:05:43.630 Steve Garvey: law conference here at the Bellagio, and I'm gonna do a dual speech this morning, and then head back to the desert we live in Palm Desert in New Wells, California. But I love sharing, and I'll spend 1015 min and and what we're talking about today. Just you know what my beliefs are. My faith, how how we can give back, you know, like we'll talk about the catch. Later, we have to ignite people, ignite people.

00:05:43.630 --> 00:06:07.529 Tommy D: Yes, I love that word big 9 people. We're gonna get into that. So it's funny. I just got a vision of what did the Bellagio look like last night, with all these attorneys walking through? Forget about it. Put it out of your head, people. I'm a visual person. I'm like all these attorneys partying, and then they wake up early for this to see Steve Garvey. So you know, some of these guys might be hung over, Steve is all I'm trying to say. No, no judgment from Tommy D. Maybe a little judgment from Tommy D. But

00:06:07.530 --> 00:06:21.679 Steve Garvey: but that's III hope, when when they sense a a potential client, they wake up. No doubt 100. My wife is addicted to the show suits, and I don't know the show, like I watch.

00:06:21.680 --> 00:06:39.349 Tommy D: So she keeps watching it, and it's always on. I always hear her watching it, and I don't understand something, because, like I don't, she's been watching it for like a month and a half, and I it must be a thousand episodes of that show. But anyway, I'm not an attorney, you know. I there was one thing that held me back. I always thought I would be a good attorney.

00:06:39.350 --> 00:07:06.110 Tommy D: but II didn't want to go to law school, and that was kind of the part that was kind of gotten away. That's why your advice is pro bono, for between the property. Hey? Take it easy. Take it easy. That's what I say. Look, Steve, you know II wanna talk about your baseball career, you know. Obviously.

00:07:06.110 --> 00:07:16.809 Tommy D: you. You played in a in a completely different error. You and I were joking, not joking, but just talking about, you know, a complete game. You know. I'm wearing a Santa Jersey, the only no hit or ever thrown by

00:07:17.110 --> 00:07:27.460 Tommy D: you know, by the mets that we waited for. It was always funny being in the. You know the top of the first inning. It's a shay. And then at city feeling go well, there goes no hitter, you know, so he's the funny thing because the mets

00:07:27.460 --> 00:07:52.969 Tommy D: as a young person, you had an option to play football or to play baseball. So how do you make that decision? Certainly in the era. Talk about the years this was going on too

00:07:54.400 --> 00:08:22.619 Steve Garvey: well, I grew up in Tampa, Florida, and well, fast forward to my High school years. But later I know you and I gonna talk about me being a bad boy for the Brooklyn Dodgers and spring training, which is really the beginning of my passion for the game. But I had about 2025 offers for football, baseball, and Florida was football, Florida State baseball, Miami baseball, auburn football, and all of a sudden my pigeon coach in high school said,

00:08:22.620 --> 00:08:33.059 Steve Garvey: hey, Steve? My coaching at at college of Florida state with Danny. He's going to Michigan State now. I just talked to him the other day. He'd love to talk to you, and I said great.

00:08:33.090 --> 00:08:56.120 Steve Garvey: So there was an airline strike, and my dad being great a bus bus driver, Mom and I had free transportation East Lansing, and we went up and admit Danny Littwire, and he was taking us on a tour, and, of course, huge difference. You know the quintessential campus inner drive out of drive bell tower, and we finally got to the Field House and all the trophies and everything, and he's showing him to us. And all of a sudden.

00:08:56.120 --> 00:09:12.160 Steve Garvey: Duffy Doherty, the great old Irish coach comes walking around the corner, and he stops, and he says, Danny, is this this young man you're telling me about from Florida, and he said, Yeah, Steve Garvey, his wife, Millie, and and Duffy says, well, son, he said,

00:09:12.160 --> 00:09:29.370 Steve Garvey: we really want you here. We know you can play both sports, which is phenomenal. But you know, you're gonna get a great education. And and by the way, we got 22,000 co-ed. So you're bound to have a date on Friday night, which, of course, Milly Garvey and her a and her only child, and of course only son says

00:09:29.440 --> 00:09:30.739 Steve Garvey: it's your majority.

00:09:30.810 --> 00:09:55.410 Steve Garvey: Phoebe's coming here for an education. The rest of it will try to fit it in, and he goes. Now, Melly, now I was just kidding me. I just kidding. But you know, when you, when you grow up in Florida playing sports, it's hot and fall, you know, you'd lose 7 or 8 pounds playing football, and I fell in love with a campus and ended up going to Michigan State. It was one of the great decisions of myself and my family, and ended up playing both sports and

00:09:55.460 --> 00:10:05.249 Steve Garvey: becoming a member of the Michigan State Hall of Fame, and looking back at my education degree from Michigan state, and all the things I learned. It was a great foundation for life.

00:10:05.340 --> 00:10:24.189 Steve Garvey: That's awesome. So II like. Was it coastal was the guy who let me let me answer your question, though I was a slow cornerback at that time. You're talking about 66 to 68. They didn't pass a lot on the Big 10. So I Ca, had to keep taking on 290 pound pulling guards and tackles from Ohio, State.

00:10:24.190 --> 00:10:37.160 Steve Garvey: Michigan, State, Wisconsin, I mean Michigan, Wisconsin, and then I get drafted in the first round by the Dodgers, and it was an IQ test. Let's see, should I keep getting running run over by these guys because I love the game and get up? Or should I

00:10:37.240 --> 00:10:59.910 Tommy D: go in the first round with the dodgers? And I think I passed the IQ test. Seems like one of those easy ones like, you know, I got this big old dude charging me right, or I might get hit in the head with a baseball once in a while. Put on, you know the Dodger uniform, and you know you're always. I always say, if you don't

00:10:59.910 --> 00:11:22.500 Steve Garvey: feel something when you put a Dodger uniform on, or Yankee, you know historic franchises, and you really don't understand the history of the game. And and what's come before you, and the possibilities of what you you can do to enhance. You know the sport not only on the field, but also feel, yeah, yeah, I. So I wanna hear this thing about the bat boy thing. But I feel like, I just gotta you know that coach almost lost you

00:11:22.500 --> 00:11:48.600 Steve Garvey: when when he was talking to the decision maker, Millie, right, saying, You know you're there for the ladies and and not for the education. So you're almost not going in. Fathers, you know, teach you. You know your sports and and life school life skills. But mothers make men had a voice. Billy was tough, you know. She was a secretary and

00:11:48.600 --> 00:12:08.719 Steve Garvey: assistant for the President Insurance Company, and yeah, so she was a business woman, and she understood the business of her son going to college, and what they wanted out of out of me, and what we could do for them. So so I wanna go back now because I got it's I wrote it on my notes that we gotta go back to it. So let's just hit it right now. Do you work for the Brooklyn dodges?

00:12:09.460 --> 00:12:39.340 Steve Garvey: I was and you and I briefly touched on it before you know the show family from Long Island. Mom was involved with, and the spring or the early January, 1948. You know, post war. Mom was working for American airlines. So she'd take 2 buses to go down to Manhattan every day, and Dad was doing other jobs. But my grandfather had this great gas station on Route 27

00:12:39.340 --> 00:12:46.709 Steve Garvey: so late at night again early January 48. His biggest client comes in, he says, Hey, Joe, you know

00:12:46.770 --> 00:12:56.449 Steve Garvey: you just you know you're gonna get yourself sick doing this. It's snowing outside. You're working on a car at 100'clock at night. I've got this motel in Tampa, Florida. Let's just

00:12:57.000 --> 00:13:25.999 Steve Garvey: trade here. I'll take the gas station off your hands. You take the motel you call me up. And you know you you guys are gonna have the great weather, and you're gonna love it down there, and you deserve it, your hard worker. So my grandfather, at that moment of submission, you know, when he was up to his elbows and greases Harry, you got it. He throws in the rag, and he calls my grandmother up, and he said, May, we're going to Florida, she said. We didn't talk about vacation. No, no, I treated the gas station for a motel, she said. You did what

00:13:26.000 --> 00:13:47.419 Steve Garvey: you you know. You're kidding me, Joe, and he says, no, no, I'm taking you out of here. My mother was. She had come down with a rear disease called syringomelia, which is neurological disease. You can't who move move your hands and arms. So this was going to be good for her and her her life. So they they call my parents and said, Joe, Milly, you're going to Florida with us. And they said, Okay.

00:13:47.420 --> 00:14:06.549 Steve Garvey: and and you and I kid it. The the joke in the family was, something happened to the horns and the suckies on the way, and I was I was born December 20, s of that year, but the motel was 13 units. There was a reason why I traded it. Obviously, location locations family, you know, throughout the anchor. And

00:14:06.550 --> 00:14:31.039 Steve Garvey: and I started. You know, my life in Florida. And then, 1956, late March, my dad was working for Greyhound. He comes home, and for dinner sits down. Looks at me. This is gonna Skip school tomorrow. What we said that before, what are we doing, Daddy? So I have a charter to pick up the Brooklyn dodgers from the Tampa airport and take him to St. Petersburg to play the Yankees and exhibition game.

00:14:31.210 --> 00:14:35.979 Steve Garvey: and he said, I think it'll be a good father and son, Dave for for us. And now.

00:14:36.310 --> 00:14:58.660 Steve Garvey: a month earlier, Dad, 2 of the gentleman started the second little League in Tampa, so that this was a Tuesday. The following Saturday was gonna be our opening day. So we're all excited mom and Dad got me a new rolling part of the hide to glove, you know, most expensive. I think it was $12, and so I was playing catch, and I got me my first Louisville Slugger

00:14:59.070 --> 00:14:59.780 Steve Garvey: But

00:14:59.890 --> 00:15:20.720 Steve Garvey: for the historians. The fall of 55 was really when the dodgers emerged they finally beat the Yankees. And now they were gonna be the world champion Brooklyn dodgers. I was gonna see the next day, so we got the mu the bus early the next morning, and we drove to the tarmac of Tampa National Airport, and about 8

00:15:20.720 --> 00:15:26.060 Steve Garvey: 15 now the Dodgers, the only team that had their own plan. It was a DC. 7 prop. Jet.

00:15:26.060 --> 00:15:50.919 Steve Garvey: and we're standing there in front of the bus, and all of a sudden one of those beautiful peach gray mornings in Florida we saw this plane banking, and it landed and came by and had dodgers on the side, and a baseball on the tail. And you know, for a 7, almost 8 year old kid, you know it's pretty heady stuff. So taxi back and there were no concourses back. Then, you know, they pushed the ramp up and the door opened. And

00:15:50.990 --> 00:16:12.769 Steve Garvey: yeah, yeah, that was just stairs there. That was okay. And we're about 30 yards, I guess, away from the plane. And of course, the first band office, Walter, also in the great manager, eventually be in the Hall of Fame, and then it was Reese and and Hodges, and Snyder and Ferrillo and Campanella, and it was and I at

00:16:12.840 --> 00:16:36.220 Steve Garvey: just started collecting tops baseball cards. So I'm standing there, and I got about 8 Brooklyn Dodger cards right, and and my wife and I did a book about 10 years ago. Now call my bat boy days, because that day I was I would end up bat boying. It was the beginning of this love affair with the game, but as each of these players came died, II would look at my cards, and when P. We started to come up

00:16:36.220 --> 00:16:55.169 Steve Garvey: I showed Dad and we said in the book, it was as if these iconic players, these world champions, were were stepping off my baseball cards and coming live. Of course, when you're that age, and I was a little chunky. I wore husky jeans and a band lawn shirt, you know, and I'm looking up to him. But you know this is when

00:16:55.350 --> 00:17:10.239 Steve Garvey: your idols start to come to life. And and all of a sudden almost all the guys are are on the bus, but 2 guys are in the hotel, Lolly gagging. They're walking around, and it's and it's Campanella.

00:17:10.240 --> 00:17:37.029 Steve Garvey: and and Jackie Robinson. All of a sudden they start to walk by. Yeah, yeah, we used to have these flat tops with Butch wax, you know. It looked like a porcupine, and he couple of the guys patted me on the head. They couldn't believe it was real, and they start to go by, and I'm looking at him. Look at my cards! And all of a sudden they stop, and and Jackie Robinson says, looks at me, and I got my glove on my belt because

00:17:37.180 --> 00:17:46.349 Steve Garvey: you playing baseball yesterday gonna start Saturday, little League, he goes. Oh, that's great, son, he said. Well, listen! You practice hard, you listen to your coaches.

00:17:46.350 --> 00:18:14.069 Steve Garvey: and maybe someday you'll be a dodger. Yes, sir, yes, sir, I looked at Ted, Jacky Ramos, and then Roy campus, said those dreaded words. He he looks at my dad that did this great uniform. And Joe, hey, Joe, is he pretty good student, and my Dad goes. Well, you know he's struggling with reading. Well, you know, I was called Hyper back then. I'm an only child. I'm grabbing kids rather. And

00:18:14.180 --> 00:18:45.590 Steve Garvey: and that was the long term for nowadays. Adhd, right? That is a perfect. Because I recently got a diagnosis. So we got a we got a pause and take a quick break, and we'll come right back on those. But that I recently got the Adhd diagnosis as well, Steve Garvey. I did not know we had so much of this going on together today. So let's do, let's do this. Yeah, we need 3 h for the show. Alright. So so we are. Gonna pause, I will. I have a lot of questions. We are going to get into the queue we are gonna get.

00:18:45.590 --> 00:18:47.789 And the Fans for the career were going to get it. And all this.

00:18:47.900 --> 00:19:15.209 Tommy D: you know, Steve Garvey is here. I I'm excited, Steve. I'm gonna say this, you and I need to have a catch. I know you're not here on Long Island. As you said. It's funny the way you said it was the way I had a teacher in high school at the shaman out high school out here on Long Island, and the guy said, It's Lawn la NGUY lawn guy. Land, that's maybe that's how we said. I don't know how we said Long Island. I don't know. We say, all right. Listen. We will be right back fully show I'm overdue on a break. We'll be right back.

00:21:23.680 --> 00:21:47.839 Tommy D: Hey, everybody! Welcome back! Join me in my world. Wide studio. As Steve Garvey and I were talking about top of my house just below the roof in the attic. Baby. All right. So listen. We changed the name of the show I was. We went to break. The show is called Philanthropy and focus. We come back. The new show is called husky Jeans and Adhd, that is the new show we're gonna have, cause I gotta get a lab man, Steve Garvey. My he would kill me if you ever listen to my program. But

00:21:47.840 --> 00:22:10.360 Steve Garvey: we've grown up. I was slender, and my brother would wear the husky pants like, and I always would get a kick out of that to this day, like people husky like that was such a great word that they didn't come in sizes. They came in Slim, and that was so funny, because that was what like I grew up wearing the slim. I always been a slim guy, except my belly is fat from ice cream.

00:22:10.360 --> 00:22:33.089 Tommy D: But other than that, I've been pretty thin, guy, and when you said Osgi I almost cried anyway, so and then we got a a friend of ours checking in on, on twitch, you know, cerebral wins, saying one of the many dangers of Adhd getting fixated on something and losing track of everything else. Yeah, they called out, my life cerebral wins. But Steve Garvey, let's get you started to talk about. You were a little disruptive, maybe, as a child.

00:22:33.300 --> 00:22:55.249 Steve Garvey: That's right. But let let me just finish that first day. So we get to Alling field over in St. Petersburg. So iconic. They've got books on it, and everybody's getting off the bus. The guys are grabbing their duffels, and a little man comes out. He's got Boxer shorts, a little cigar and strapped T-shirt, and always looks at my dad. Now he goes. Hey, kid, you want a bat boy today, and I see.

00:22:55.370 --> 00:23:09.760 Steve Garvey: Yeah, look to Dad. He says we'll get the bats and balls out there. The guys will be on 20 min preventing breaks. So the backbag was this big and ball bag was heavy, and Dad helped me drag it out to the to the dugout and starting to take the bats out when I hear.

00:23:11.180 --> 00:23:33.889 Steve Garvey: and I turn around, and there's Mickey mantle in the batting cage towering home runs into Pinellas Bay, and you know, all kids were fixated with with Mickey back. Then I mean blonde hair. Rippling muscle was ran at first, basin by point 9 or something, and so I'm standing there and I'm looking, and I'm my mouth is probably open, and I hear, son, you wanna play catch, and I turn around. There's still Hodges.

00:23:34.030 --> 00:23:35.410 Steve Garvey: And

00:23:35.470 --> 00:23:44.810 Steve Garvey: and I looked at him, and I had one of his cards, and he was a lot like my dad. He's like 6, 2, 3, and Big man Dad was a he was a. My father was a

00:23:45.360 --> 00:24:06.410 Steve Garvey: football player on Long Island semi pro. So he's pretty good, sized Guy. So I struggled, and I got my glove off my my belt, and and he had a ball, and he tossed it to me with little arc, and I caught it, and I threw it back, and he tossed it with an arc again. I'm thinking, Mr. Hodges, I'm starting little League on Saturday. You you can give me a little pace here, right, and I hear?

00:24:06.430 --> 00:24:09.080 Steve Garvey: And I look and boom

00:24:09.580 --> 00:24:21.130 Steve Garvey: ball hits me in the chest, and you know he was a great family man, and he comes running over and see, okay, son, you okay, son, I go. Yes, sir, I'm sorry, and he looks at me. And and the the first

00:24:21.150 --> 00:24:31.640 Steve Garvey: teaching session outside of my family, he says. were you looking at Vicky Mannell hitting the ball? And I said, Yes, sir, and he pause, he said, son.

00:24:32.250 --> 00:24:38.940 Steve Garvey: we're the world champions. I said, yes, I won't do it again. And and that was my first

00:24:38.960 --> 00:24:42.790 Steve Garvey: catch, I mean, Dad might have been playing catch. Even mom was

00:24:42.840 --> 00:25:12.389 Steve Garvey: good athlete play catcher. That was my first real catch of, you know, this was a a future hall of famer. This was a man who would wanna a world championship. So if this day was my my epiphany, so to speak, and falling in love with the game being around these iconic players, and then, 4 or 5 days later to play my first game and right field, you know, and after a rainstorm and picking daisies. But you know that that's the beginning, you know. That's how you fall in love.

00:25:12.390 --> 00:25:20.719 Steve Garvey: and I would bat, Boy for another 7 8 years until I got in the high school 2 or 3 times each spring. They, the Dodgers, would?

00:25:20.720 --> 00:25:33.699 Steve Garvey: Asked my dad. They love my dad, and of course that was during the transition period from Brooklyn, Los Angeles. But that was the the preparation for them, you know, going to to Michigan State and deciding between

00:25:33.700 --> 00:25:51.589 Steve Garvey: baseball and football and being drafted in the first round by the dodgers. It's it's a Disney story. That boy and spring training again gets drafted by the dodgers and ends up with, you know, 15 years for the iconic franchise and winning world championships, and playing in all star games and and and learning

00:25:51.680 --> 00:26:01.880 Steve Garvey: the value of the national pastime. And how it's affected our society, and and how young boys, and cut off pants

00:26:02.210 --> 00:26:13.419 Steve Garvey: on dirt fields can become, you know, reach the ultimate, become major league baseball players with passion and commitment dedication, and a and a great supporting team that begins with the family.

00:26:13.750 --> 00:26:29.330 Tommy D: II mean, if so much about you mentioned Glenn Coven, I'm not too far from Glen Colvin, and about a month ago they played an old time baseball game here, I'm telling you, like guys wearing no shoes, no socks right

00:26:29.330 --> 00:26:54.039 Tommy D: they play with this old ball. It's as we will, even II, my older son and I would just kinda we. We tend to shout out cerebral wind. We tend to get distracted and just do things, and my son likes to hang out with me. And and you know well, because I'm fun, but also because he knows I'll just go. Hey, let's go to a garage sale, or let's go look around this stuff right? Cause II wanna do that, cause I just wanna get right. So so we were driving around one day and I go. Oh, you know.

00:26:54.040 --> 00:27:14.270 Tommy D: there's like a an old school baseball game being played up the block here. This this was a I gotta be honest, Steve Garvey, I don't curse March in the show, but this is a pisser like that. Yeah, hollering at each other, they yelling at each other that nobody's got a glove on. It was like the 1890, you know this different errors. So as we're leaving, we hang out for about 40 min

00:27:14.540 --> 00:27:39.020 Tommy D: as we're leaving we, a foul ball comes over and hits my car. I don't really care about the car. The point is, we got one of these balls, and it's an old play with an old school ball. It's just. And they got these funny names, and they're calling each other horse. And and you know they like all these. And then, you know again, for me it was entertaining. Because it's shenanigans going on, you know. II you know, like of the silliness, and it's very playful, but we have to walk it away

00:28:00.890 --> 00:28:05.479 Tommy D: flyer with the rules. If you caught the ball on a bounce it was an out.

00:28:05.650 --> 00:28:35.600 Tommy D: and you know, and they hadn't like I they weren't calling them a batter. They had another, the striker, or something like that. It was. I don't. I didn't know I would come up with that story today, but it's just funny, like how this game has been in the fabric of this country for so long. Right? This is one that's been with us for so long. And it, you know, it's been called the national pastime. Right? Yeah, let me add, just one thing I know we're gonna get into rarely. Why we're here. But I'm Ambassador for the Irish American Baseball Society, and

00:28:35.600 --> 00:29:00.549 Steve Garvey: our goal is to is to have 2 major League teams do an exhibition over in Ireland within the next few years. But also the the Ireland baseball team as a goal of getting into the World baseball classic, and of course, the Olympics and they have their national team, the wool found playing in and around the New York area now, and I would ask anybody who would

00:29:00.550 --> 00:29:25.249 Steve Garvey: gets the chance to see something really unique, a developing, you know, country baseball team. You know, a lot of us are Irish. And and we want our our old side to be able to be competitive around the world with a great game of baseball. So if anybody sees it, or something, or or go to the Irish American baseball society and come see something interesting. So I went to this, though Irish

00:29:25.250 --> 00:29:48.980 Tommy D: org. I found some stuff that looks like they played against it. The fire department back in August, the Irish Wolfhounds did. And so we should definitely check that out, you know when you're here, love to go to game of you. I actually Co. I texted my cousin Vinnie this morning because I when I was what I was looking all Wikipedia, and I think this is one of the true things. It said that your family is from County Cork. As you might not realize this with a name like Tommy D. Or Tommy to me so.

00:29:48.980 --> 00:29:50.900 But my mother's maiden name was Feenei.

00:29:50.900 --> 00:30:11.790 Tommy D: You know my Nana name was Cox, you know Dick Feeney, Dolly Cox. This is like that's my family. So I texted my cousin Vincent Cunningham, and he said, County Clare county mail so shout out to the emerald dial. I've only been once I was actually there. My wife and I got engaged in London, and then we we were we were on the

00:30:12.090 --> 00:30:27.980 Tommy D: Galway side on the cliffs, you know, and I will say this, I haven't had a drink in 13 years. That's coming up next month. My my little anniversary there, Steve, but the funny thing is, I had plenty of drinks in London, and

00:30:27.980 --> 00:30:52.109 Tommy D: so I wasn't allowed to drive the car on either side of the road while we're there. My wife. We just got the date. So she was my girlfriend in London. She was my fiancee. When we got over to Ireland driver and the Re. She was my driver for a long time, Steve, but we'll leave that outside for a while. Don't get too personal, Tommy D. But look, let's just let's get back. We're gonna go take another short break. When we come back.

00:30:52.110 --> 00:31:10.830 Tommy D: We're gonna dive into why, you're here. I mean, we have an hour together, so I knew we had time to get into all those stories. I know you and I could chat for 3 HI don't know if we could record the whole conversation of you and I when we get together again. But for sure this has been fun already, and I know it's gonna be fun for the people listening. Let's take a quick break, Logan. We'll be right back. Philanthropy and focus.

00:33:08.330 --> 00:33:36.470 Tommy D: and that is actually my friend, Uncle Brendan Levy, the Irish levy. He likes to tell me who's singing that song. We wrote that song together. Nonprofits need connections to move in the right direction. So cut through all the static, join Tommy and his attic. I was Sharon doing to break Irish baseball. The wolf hounds. I, Steve, I want to talk more about that. But we got a lot to do today. So want to get into it. But II, looking at these jerseys. I gotta get. I gotta pick up on these Irish Jersey I actually put on before the show.

00:33:36.470 --> 00:33:56.100 Tommy D: I put on this old beat up mets, cap, and actually I just I threw it over by the stairs. I'll show it to you on the next break. But I bought it at Shea Stadium, and it's got a shamrock on it, and it's got the mets. And why in the shamrock. But it is so beat up because it's gotta be 20 years old easily, maybe 25 years old, so I had it on.

00:33:56.100 --> 00:34:20.440 Steve Garvey: I took it off to put this one on, but maybe I'll put it back from next break, anyway, the iconic owner, the Dodgers, Walter O'malley, in in Brooklyn and Dodger Town, which is is so famous. But we would never play an exhibition game in spring on St. Patrick's Day. It would be truly, you know, Irish, whatever golf tournament, and I'll have a barbecue. But the next day or the day before we would.

00:34:20.530 --> 00:34:45.369 Steve Garvey: We would all wear green hats really started that a green dodger hat, you know the shamrock on it, and I think I have. One of my old ones is what 40 years old now, but they're classics, and that was it. You were allowed to wear that during the game or no. Oh, yeah, yeah. And now they actually have uniforms in string training where they, you know they celebrate, you know, Irish heritage on Saint Patrick's Day, so I love it. I love it, I mean I, you know, shout out to my friend Samuel

00:34:45.370 --> 00:35:01.220 Tommy D: Mclaughlin, who is the executive director of an organization called Sober St. Patrick's Day kind of taking back Slanty and just thinking about it. Listen, I'm not a teetotolder. I don't drink. I don't have a problem with people drinking, but the deal is like, it's not right for everybody, and sometimes you've probably been on some messy

00:35:01.220 --> 00:35:11.030 Tommy D: same Patty's days. You've probably seen over the years, Steve Garvey, I know. Certainly. I've been at the parade a lot of times. Again I try not to pass judgment, but like do what's right for you gang, that's what it is. It doesn't all have to be about

00:35:11.180 --> 00:35:18.870 Tommy D: drinking tons and tonsill each day, you know, on on the seventeenth. I gotta make a couple of quick shouts, and we gotta get into really

00:35:18.880 --> 00:35:46.360 Tommy D: fans for the cure. Kind of shout out my friend Mick Collins, who's like losing his mind. I know it because he was named after Mickey. So as you're telling that story while you're down there playing bat, boy for the dodgers, and you'll see you know this superhero. Right chisel the hair the whole deal hitting these home runs my buddy, Mick Collins, who was named after Mickey, is like he's losing it, Mick. I'm sure you're losing it. One day I'll get you to. You'll meet Steve Garvey, and he could tell you these stories as well. But you know that's Mick Collins. Paper

00:35:46.420 --> 00:35:58.449 Tommy D: pay for processing makes a good body of mine always supports the show, and they do credit core processing and support nonprofit organizations because they give back to charity. All right, with all that being said. Let's get into this now, Steve.

00:35:59.010 --> 00:36:11.739 Tommy D: Why, how? What is the situation. How did you get connected to fans for the cure? Fans for the cure talking about prostate cancer awareness month? That's what we're doing in September. Now, how did this become something? That was a connection for you?

00:36:12.270 --> 00:36:22.459 Steve Garvey: Well, yes, had a couple of philosophies, and we talked, you know, prior to the show. Life is God's gift to us, and what we do is our gift to Him. So

00:36:22.490 --> 00:36:34.350 Steve Garvey: And when you learn that as early in life as possible. You realize that we all been blessed with this life? And we can get back in so many ways. It can be as simple as saying Hello!

00:36:34.830 --> 00:37:03.679 Steve Garvey: Walking by somebody in the morning, or that dress looks wonderful on you and boy, what a great shirt, or something like that! Something to put the wind beneath the wings, people that you can make their day. How can we make? Yeah, a difference each day. And then, when you're blessed to be able to play kind of, have the great game of baseball, and and get the the accolades and the bonds that you develop with the fans and the relationships, and so forth, and then you at an early age, and I think I was 2420, about 24

00:37:03.680 --> 00:37:19.869 Steve Garvey: it was a big year, you know, 1,874, when the Mvp. And mvp. Of the Nlcs. And and all Star game as a writing candidate and after the season we had gone. Play the A's. That Juggernut.

00:37:20.040 --> 00:37:40.360 Steve Garvey: you know. Oakland. A team at 1 3 straight. I was invited to a Ms. Dinner slows dinner it's called dinner champions in La, and and 10 great, you know, athletes from 10 different sports would be honored. And they asked me because of my year in La, if I would be one of the athletes to be honored. I said Yes.

00:37:40.360 --> 00:38:03.170 Steve Garvey: and by the time that dinner was over I found out more about the cripple of young adults. Ms. And I asked the director of the Southern California Ms. Society if I could do something, and they said, Whatever you wanna do. So I started a tennis tournament celebrity tennis tournament lasted almost 15 years, and we raised millions of dollars, and it would be on Espn with celebrity tennis matches.

00:38:03.170 --> 00:38:10.650 Steve Garvey: But it really was was my education into the charitable foundation

00:38:10.650 --> 00:38:36.909 Steve Garvey: fundraising world, and how we could make a difference on on these different platforms. And and from that point until about oh, gosh! 7, 8 years ago I worked for a variety of different to charities. When I went from Los Angeles to San Diego, I made a commitment to the San Diego community to help as much as I could ended up helping 22 different charities in, in and around San Diego, and nationally to and then

00:38:36.910 --> 00:38:46.700 Steve Garvey: all of a sudden, II take my annual physical. And my doctor, says I, you know she says, I see that your Psa is is escalated.

00:38:46.730 --> 00:39:12.050 Steve Garvey: And I said, Really, she said, you know, I think we should. We should take a deeper check into this, and I'm going to send you to Ucla. You're all just there by the name of Mark Lipen. He was head of Urology Ucla, and ironically I was on the board of Ucla, near Surgery, and so forth, and within a week I went and met with him, and and brought my wonderful wife Candace with me and

00:39:12.130 --> 00:39:29.069 Steve Garvey: We sat down, and and she asked the first 9 questions, says women usually do. And finally, doctor, let one do world renown looks at me, said, you have a question for me. And I said, yeah, what would you do? He said. Listen, he said. We we took your biopsy

00:39:29.100 --> 00:39:33.169 Steve Garvey: there were 8 different areas. We we

00:39:33.470 --> 00:39:40.769 Steve Garvey: examined 4 of them. You have the glacier score of 7 or above, he said, and then he

00:39:41.320 --> 00:39:55.819 Steve Garvey: talked about the things that that we could do. We could do seating and radiology and all this stuff. And he looked at me, said Steve. He said, I'm 55. I'm at the top of my game. Let's just take it out. You're too young, and I said, I like that. I like that, doctor.

00:39:55.870 --> 00:40:15.279 Steve Garvey: I was probably about around 65. I guess you know 64. I'm 74 now, and within 2 weeks we we had it taken out, but it was the process of of taking the test and then waiting for the biopsy and having that call come to you. And the doctor says you have cancer.

00:40:15.450 --> 00:40:32.159 Steve Garvey: And I was watching my youngest son. I have 5 girls and 2 boys just playing junior football. And it was if a cloud all of a sudden came over and and it hits you, you have cancer, yeah, millions and millions of people before you have had cancer. But

00:40:32.390 --> 00:40:42.820 Steve Garvey: and he was, he was exceptional. He said, listen, he said. I'm pretty sure we got early stages. That's why I want to take this this out. And he said,

00:40:42.850 --> 00:40:45.109 Steve Garvey: And he said, then he said.

00:40:45.190 --> 00:41:08.840 Steve Garvey: and I know you pretty well. After discussions, and he he was a big dodger fan, he said, I think you'll be a foot soldier for the fight against prostate cancer, and I said absolutely had the surgery 3 months later. Took another test was through the grace of God. Clear. And that's when I decided to be that foot soldier, and I said, Let's see, who should I call? And I remembered this great

00:41:08.870 --> 00:41:21.329 Steve Garvey: sportsman and sportscaster in New York that I had talked to many times my name had Randall, and and we had talked about a prostate cancer Foundation. He had started. So I called him up. And II said, this is what happened.

00:41:21.400 --> 00:41:50.329 Steve Garvey: II want to be a foot soldier in your army, he said. You're on the board. I said, Okay, I said, I've been on several boards, but that's the easiest entry of the not, and I think, within 3 meetings I became chairman of fans for the cure, and it's been one of the most cherished relationships in my life. And over these years, and with all the things that that Ted is done. I think we've made significant roads on on getting men to

00:41:50.590 --> 00:42:01.630 Steve Garvey: who are diagnosed with prostate cancer, or, suddenly realize that this is the single most devastating men's disease. And then, if we're proactive, if if

00:42:01.640 --> 00:42:03.260 Steve Garvey: we are aggressive and

00:42:03.600 --> 00:42:28.260 Steve Garvey: making sure that we do all the things we need to do, and we've always been test, test, test test, or even more more than that. Now with men that getically gets your your Psa. Get on the charts so that you can monitor it. And then, if you start to get an escalation, it can be addressed because it's the cancer with the, with the greatest degree of success, with early detection. And so we've been on a journey. And you.

00:42:28.300 --> 00:42:52.229 Steve Garvey: you know a lot of things about the organization now. But we continue to grow and awareness, and we're the pre eminent on the ground boots on the ground awareness foundation. There are other very, very good foundations around the country. But we've been to hundreds of minor league ballparks in in major league stadiums with awareness nights with testing, and and I have 6 men on on.

00:42:52.390 --> 00:43:17.039 Steve Garvey: on speed dial on my phone right now. They're going through the process. And of course, all of us, Joe, Cos, Griffin and Ed and all the disciples with the fans for the cure. Men and women, by the way, are in similar situations where we're walking men through the process of dealing with prostate cancer. And and the other thing is getting men to talk about it. And and we all have our time and our privacy.

00:43:17.350 --> 00:43:18.300 Steve Garvey: and

00:43:18.620 --> 00:43:25.259 Steve Garvey: we encourage them. When the time comes you feel comfortable in talking about it. You then become a disciple.

00:43:25.290 --> 00:43:36.790 Steve Garvey: and you share your your journey, and you share your knowledge so that men can take that and and can address prostate cancer either as a preemptive or having to deal with it.

00:43:37.090 --> 00:43:51.070 Tommy D: you know. Thank you for all that, Steven. Thank you for all the efforts. And and III don't like to say congratulations on your success of your own healing journey, and as a survivor of this disease. And, Dr. Littman, you said, or Litwin, is it, Litwin?

00:43:51.070 --> 00:44:16.030 Tommy D: Add out, doctor, appreciate your vision and everything that you're doing? And certainly, you know Joe Cosgrave, Joe and I spoke yesterday as in preparation. Joe is the the executive director of the organization fans for the cure, and ran the less the founder I mean. Life is funny sometimes, man, because we were talking about you know a a I, as I mentioned earlier to you, and I don't think I've said it on the program just yet, you know, being one of the partners in vanguard benefits

00:44:16.030 --> 00:44:24.639 which is an employee benefits agency. We've decided, you know, that I've I've decided with my partners that each month we're gonna do a specific program that's relevant to

00:44:24.640 --> 00:44:49.380 Tommy D: a wellness initiative, you know, or an awareness month and couple of months ago, we, you know, by the grace of God or the universe, or whatever it might be, I was connected to Ed Randall through my business partner, Ed Probes, and just through cerebral palsy, Announcer County, and on and on and on. You probably heard that if you anybody feel the show with Ed Randall and I. So Ed and I have become friends, and Joe and I are now becoming friends. And now Steve Garvey is in my world. And now we're becoming friends. And

00:44:49.380 --> 00:45:03.739 Tommy D: Steve Garvey and I gonna have a catch, you know. Be why, we're gonna have a catch. We'll tell you that if the when we come back from the break but really it's, you know. Shout out to my partners at Vanguard because we're realizing I'm going out there at this meeting. We're gonna have a catch today, and I'll tell you again after the break. Why, we haven't catches.

00:45:03.740 --> 00:45:18.250 Tommy D: But the point of the matter is, it's about awareness. It's a simple blood test. We gotta get out there. Yeah, it like you said, get the charts, get the information, you know. And then you have a baseline, and you know where you are. And it's not a big deal. It actually things I do wanna mention, though.

00:45:19.650 --> 00:45:38.500 Tommy D: there. Where is that statistic African American are about 75% more likely to be diagnosed than non hispanic whites, and nearly 2 and a half times as likely to die of this disease. So we need to teach certain communities even more so obviously. But we need to teach men on a whole, as a

00:45:38.500 --> 00:45:52.740 Tommy D: as a group guys, we gotta get down. Just get the top to test on. It ain't a big deal. So anyway, that's a lot of what I'm gonna be talking about for the entire month of September. We are gonna take a quick break. When Steve and I come back we're gonna bring it home. We're gonna talk about something called catch

00:45:52.740 --> 00:46:15.420 Tommy D: for the cure. I'm gonna share the website while we go to break everybody. But you go to fans for the If you're watching on Facebook, you'll see it, or anywhere watching on Youtube or twitch big on twitch. Tommy, he's big on twitch. Steve Garvey, who knew. All right, we'll be right back. Philanthropy. What really drives success in business, introducing in tangible buy the show that explores the intangible assets that create value and growth.

00:48:03.240 --> 00:48:27.019 Tommy D: All right, all right, all right, the Beatles said. I get by with a little help from my friends. They said more. But let's just say I get by with a little help from my friends. If it wasn't for Mick Collins reminding me now you're seeing how I'm losing my hair. Everybody live on my show. This is the lid I was talking about. It's pretty beat up. This is why I wasn't going to wear it, because it's one of those things like this is not one of those hats you buy that's

00:48:27.040 --> 00:48:35.630 Tommy D: roughed up, because, you know, it's cool to be roughed up. This ads roughed up because it's it's been worn for a long time. So there it is. Oh.

00:48:35.980 --> 00:49:01.730 Tommy D: there it is. That's gonna character to it. Yeah, exactly. You could probably walk out of this room on its own. To be honest with you, Steve Garvey is probably alive at this point. So let's let's dive right in. Thank you, Mick Collins. We're making it all real alright. So let's let's dive into the catch. You know, this is something that I'm assuming. You came up as an organization. Ed Randall's been telling me about it for months. Tell me, you know, Steve Garvey, what did catch for the cure.

00:49:05.610 --> 00:49:08.810 Steve Garvey: Yeah, Pete. there's always an

00:49:11.700 --> 00:49:24.690 Steve Garvey: so over the years that have really caught on Ms had one. Obviously the bucket challenge but we think that and this is gonna be, this is gonna really take off because it's so simple.

00:49:24.690 --> 00:49:50.369 Steve Garvey: And if you think about it, you know, fathers and sons playing catch and mothers and daughters. Is so Americana the ability to catch a ball starts most of the time with dad buying, you know the kids a glove and a ball and going out. And you gotta start somewhere. I think I I've lost 2 mit playing catch with, you know my baby teeth with my dad when he started throwing me grounders.

00:49:50.460 --> 00:49:53.010 Steve Garvey: that's the evolution of life. But

00:49:53.080 --> 00:50:17.399 Steve Garvey: we decided that, you know this is something that's that's that's really going to be impactful and just having a catch and maybe rising is raising some dollars and cents and creating awareness is fits perfectly with our Mission mission statement, and you can do it anywhere you could do it on a major league field a minor league field a little league field. You could do it on Fifth Avenue.

00:50:17.590 --> 00:50:33.339 Steve Garvey: You can do it on Highway 1 11 any wills. California where I am. It's it's one of those things that and we wanna thank Rollings to for helping us, and and with the baseballs and so forth. But you know again.

00:50:33.930 --> 00:50:35.440 Steve Garvey: pro-american

00:50:36.850 --> 00:51:06.809 Tommy D: to do it virtually first, and then when I come to New York we'll meet and we'll make a big deal. Yeah, II mean, listen. You know, we're making talk about making a big deal about this. I mean, this is so on Brand for us as a company for vanguard benefits really as as an agency and and kind of as a, you know, an organization of business that is truly focused on making change. So you know, I'm just gonna share. I won't show this whole video. I'm just gonna share kind of a quick screenshot of what we're putting out there. It's kinda like

00:51:06.810 --> 00:51:35.880 Tommy D: Steve. Check this out. It's almost like a a field of dreams. Come like we're coming out of the corn stocks over here, you know that's so gang, if you're not watching, go to vanguard benefits you, and you'll see have a catch campaign to have a catch campaign begins September first, which is today get involved to support, prostate cancer awareness. And you know, you'll see Ed in the front, Tommy D. With Polytail in the middle. And that's Vinnie Blossom. But you know why this is so on Brand for us as an agency, and you'll actually see this is our new logo, Steve.

00:51:35.880 --> 00:52:00.509 Tommy D: stitching. It looks like stitching like baseball, stitching the the letter. I in benefits. So you know, II feel like we're getting to a point where everything is becoming aligned with us as a brand, and certainly our work in nonprofit, you know. Ed was a picture. Vinnie and Ed grew up playing baseball together. I think the joke, Vinnie Blossom says, is they were the same height until 9, and they've never been the same height since 9 years of age, cause Ed. It's kind of kept going

00:52:00.510 --> 00:52:20.960 Tommy D: like as I mentioned. Oh, I'll be seeing those 2 in a couple of hours, and and taking some pictures and and doing some stuff with this catch stuff. So look the thing about it. Gang is, it's about having a catch. It doesn't have to be a heavy lift. You need 2 gloves in a ball, or if you from the 18 nineties, you don't need even need a glove. You know I actually texted a friend of mine who's been on the show last night

00:52:21.210 --> 00:52:36.839 Tommy D: my friend rich cellgado. Big Daddy Rich Cell. Gado was a big time, very connected in the Nfl. He's in the insurance business, but he's in, you know. He's a celebrity in his own right, and I texted him last night. I go dude. I need a favor, and he's like, What's up? I go. I gotta meet you next week. We gotta have a catch

00:52:36.840 --> 00:53:00.789 Tommy D: like. What a strange thing to text a business friend. I gotta meet you to have a catch. But then I texted my friend James Brock, or last night I go dude. I need a favor he goes. Tell me to anything I go. I need to meet you next week to have a catch like this is what Steve Garvey. Pretty easy stuff right like this is what we're talking about it. Not a heavy lift. Meet me. We'll take a bunch, take some pictures. We'll have a catch, and then people will say, Why is this wild man, Tommy d running around, having to catch everywhere?

00:53:00.790 --> 00:53:07.769 Tommy D: Well, the idea is we're trying to tell a story that we gotta go out because this is treatable. This is curable if it's core right?

00:53:08.170 --> 00:53:12.820 Steve Garvey: Absolutely again, early detection greatest degree of success.

00:53:13.520 --> 00:53:23.690 Steve Garvey: All these things, you know, work together pending awareness about prostate cancer. But you know, it's even more than that now. Our foundation obviously is.

00:53:23.840 --> 00:53:39.929 Steve Garvey: is dealing with with prostate cancer. But it's about it's about awareness of of how to manage your life, to get the most out of your life. Longevity. Your ability to make contributions like we talked giving back

00:53:40.040 --> 00:53:48.359 Steve Garvey: the obligation you have to your family to take care of yourself, to laugh a lot to do good deeds from a good heart.

00:53:48.390 --> 00:53:58.489 Steve Garvey: You know they all these things come together, and and who we are and what we want to accomplish while we're here, and we're gonna do it together. And you know, people always say.

00:53:58.490 --> 00:54:21.380 Steve Garvey: You know, you're pretty decent, golfer. Do you ever think about playing golf? And I said, Well, you know God gave me the ability to hit a round ball with a round bat and get to first base and under 15 s and and catch the ball, and and you know I was. I was a wild arm. Third basement. I had a shoulder separation playing football, Michigan state, and you know there's not a big demand for that. And one day in 19

00:54:21.380 --> 00:54:34.489 Steve Garvey: 73, I was struggling, and there was talk about, you know, trading me, and I was a guy without a position. Ron, say, had come up, who turned out to be an excellent third basin, and not only as a fielder, but a hit or 2, and

00:54:34.590 --> 00:54:51.060 Steve Garvey: The team was struggling, and first game of a double header, and the Reds had thrown another Lefty. We were struggling against Lefty's, and I got a pinch hit, and I ended up leading the League and pinch hitting Walter Alston, the first man I saw off the plane that day when I was 7,

00:54:51.700 --> 00:54:53.230 had faith in me

00:54:54.260 --> 00:54:58.280 Steve Garvey: afternoon to work on my hitting, and

00:54:58.820 --> 00:55:18.880 Steve Garvey: that first game and games is a double header. I'm sitting in my locker, and Wall comes by, and he stops and he looks at me. So you ever play first? I said. Oh, sure! Well, one game in the League. One game and triple a had a bad hamstring, and he said, well, get a glove play first tonight. They throw another Lefty, and you're you're swinging the bat pretty good. You need to start.

00:55:18.900 --> 00:55:31.849 Steve Garvey: So I went out that night and borrowed a glove. First. I went out with a bad boy, had him throw some balls at my feet, you know, simulate a ball in the dirt, and ended up not tripping over the bag and

00:55:31.850 --> 00:55:49.669 Steve Garvey: digging one out of the dirt and coming off the bag and making a tag, and had 2 doubles and 2 Rbi's but as importantly, that was the the first game of say, and Russell and Lopes and myself that turned out to be the longest running in field, the history of baseball, and arguably the best 8 and a half years

00:55:49.690 --> 00:55:54.690 Steve Garvey: but I always look back and say in in, as I do a lot of speaking.

00:55:54.790 --> 00:56:00.010 Steve Garvey: and I talk about. If I had said, No, skipper, you know I've played first base

00:56:00.030 --> 00:56:11.919 Steve Garvey: I probably wouldn't have had the career that I had or be with you today, but that I seize that moment, that I took the opportunity and and and

00:56:11.980 --> 00:56:18.060 Steve Garvey: tried it went out and gave it all I had. I ended up with 15 and a half years, you know.

00:56:18.430 --> 00:56:42.200 Steve Garvey: playing for space and 10 all start games and world championships, and and ironically 4 golden gloves. So it. We're out of time, Steve, but it comes down to these decisions in the moment, like, What if you, when when the guy said to you. Do you want to be the the Bat boy? And you were timid and said, No, I don't want to, or whatever. What if your old man

00:56:42.200 --> 00:57:06.029 Steve Garvey: invited you to get on the bus that day, and you said him, now that I got an exam I have to be, or I wanna go to school like, what about those choices? Choices in life are critical, Steve, I hate to stop this here because IW. We're just getting warmed up, but you gotta go speak in front of a bunch of attorneys right now. So I just wanna give you a shot in the arm and go go get him, tiger. Let's go, Steve Garcia. Listen! I appreciate you, man.

00:57:06.030 --> 00:57:20.559 Tommy D: I'm gonna see you soon in real life we're gonna get out to a game, shout out, we'll talk about the wolf hounds. Next time we're gonna I promise you I'm gonna be running around having catches. Whether you show up that catch with me or not. I'll make sure I'm doing a bunch of catching, anyway. But you do the same. We'll keep in touch about who's doing more catches alright

00:57:20.570 --> 00:57:27.490 Steve Garvey: and be a foot soldier for fans for the cure. We love you all. Thanks, everybody. Make it a great day. See you later. Bye.

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