Friday, June 9, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/06/09 - The Bottom Line: Health as the Ultimate Intangible

Facebook Live Video from 2023/06/09 - The Bottom Line: Health as the Ultimate Intangible


2023/06/09 - The Bottom Line: Health as the Ultimate Intangible

[NEW EPISODE] The Bottom Line: Health as the Ultimate Intangible

Fridays 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EDT)                              


Take a moment to consider your health, that of your coworkers, customers, vendor representatives, and their and your respective businesses.  Health is a precursor to creativity and sometimes the inspiration behind it.  Tune in for a thoughtful discussion of how health plays a role in innovation and impacts the bottom line for an entrepreneur.


This episode of INTANGIFY follows on a cross-over show in which host Matthew Asbell appeared as a guest on FRANK ABOUT HEALTH on June 8, 2023, 5 pm to discuss the impact of intellectual property on health. We will be joined by Frank R. Harrison, the host of FRANK ABOUT HEALTH, to discuss personal, societal, financial, business and possibly even intellectual property health, health advocacy, succession planning and the impact of health on innovation and creativity.  Health is a necessary precursor to innovation, but sometimes is also the inspiration behind it.

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00:00:39.020 --> 00:00:52.509 Intangify: Hi there and welcome to intangify. I'm your host, Matthew as well. And Tang, if I is a podcast about the intangible aspects of business. Now, this is not my usual zoom background.

00:00:52.510 --> 00:01:09.520 Intangify: because today we are doing part 2 of a joint session with my co-host on talk radio, dot. Nyc. Frank, our Harrison. Frank. Good to see you again. It's been the ages I know. Right, I mean I I had to sleep through since yesterday.

00:01:10.850 --> 00:01:26.239 Intangify: so so on and tang if we talk about the intangible aspects of business. But in this special episode we're talking about a tangible aspects tied with health, and on Frank's show yesterday we really talked about

00:01:26.300 --> 00:01:30.849 Intangify: aspects in health care, that intangible things had to impact on

00:01:31.570 --> 00:01:45.830 Intangify: But today we're going to flip the coin a little bit, and really talk about how health has impact on intangible assets and a tangible you know, aspect of of business

00:02:00.900 --> 00:02:24.359 Intangify: Exactly. But, Frank, I I think you know, for for as you haven't been on my show before. you know, I think, where I'd like to start with you today is to have you tell people a little bit about who is Frank or Harris right? Well I get. I would like to answer that in one or 2 ways, depending upon what you feel is appropriate for your audience. I can tell you my individual story.

00:02:24.760 --> 00:02:37.770 Intangify: or I could tell you basically my background, and how I fitted into my life's mission. I think the answer is yes, as long as you keep it to 30 min or less.

00:02:37.780 --> 00:03:04.169 Intangify: Oh, and allow some interaction. Of course, of course, we should also mention that this is an experiment right? Because this is our first time having a live in or in person joint show. and that we haven't done that before. And so we're kind of figure it out as we go, including, you know, getting the notifications of the zoom that we are watching. So let's tell. Tell us who who is frank from all facets.

00:03:04.280 --> 00:03:15.259 Intangify: Well. when I look at you, I look at myself in the mirror, and let me tell you how I mean that your background is as diverse as Mike. I have a business degree, an Mba.

00:03:15.430 --> 00:03:20.670 Intangify: I worked in the music industry for Columbia House Record Club, which is part of Sony music entertainment.

00:03:20.830 --> 00:03:28.979 Intangify: I at the same time have studied neuro psychology. I did a thesis and master's thesis on the relationship between epilepsy and depression.

00:03:29.210 --> 00:03:36.590 Intangify: I at the same time love Italy, speak the language when I'm there. It's been my home away from home in 2 different occasions.

00:03:37.060 --> 00:03:39.159 Intangify: I. I also

00:03:39.180 --> 00:03:54.110 Intangify: have a diverse background with health care, entertainment business. I have been an advocate for my father, who, ongoing treatment cans about cancer treatment for cancer has been a challenge. My cousin, who is now unfortunately headed towards Alzheimer's disease.

00:03:54.360 --> 00:04:12.269 Intangify: I've been an advisor to a friend of mine on the West coast who works for the screen actors Guild, who just recently broke her leg in 3 places and needed someone to represent her when she had no family available to her. So all of my aspects of my life and career and interest have integrated together.

00:04:12.740 --> 00:04:18.700 Intangify: So when I'm asked that question, who was Frank or Harrison, I I blanketed by saying, I'm an entrepreneur.

00:04:19.060 --> 00:04:24.149 Intangify: but I also say, like on my show, which is what made me look launched Frank about health.

00:04:24.420 --> 00:04:27.469 Intangify: I am in surviving epileptic, patient.

00:04:27.750 --> 00:04:34.379 Intangify: and surviving in such a way, where I've learned to overcome the stigmas attached to that disorder

00:04:34.870 --> 00:04:37.870 Intangify: and use it as an advocacy platform

00:04:37.900 --> 00:04:44.590 Intangify: for many other people with varying disorders. and I think, thanks to Sam Leibowitz, who, of course, introduced us.

00:04:44.620 --> 00:04:54.720 Intangify: He's allowed me to be that advocate to a greater audience, not just epileptic patients, people who are dealing with covid cancer diabetes.

00:04:54.990 --> 00:05:05.000 Intangify: even other health care issues and innovations that are developing over time. So I like to think of myself as an individual that is really here to do my best to help humanity well on here.

00:05:05.550 --> 00:05:08.900 Intangify: by using all of the resources and education that I've obtained.

00:05:09.220 --> 00:05:35.100 Intangify: but putting it to good use and good practice. That's who Frank or Harrison that makes a lot of sense to me, and I guess I feel like I'm looking in the mirror as well in that sense. the only the only caveat I I have to give is that I have no affiliation with Italy whatsoever. But but I have a a a strong interest in international cultures, and have lived abroad in a couple of

00:05:35.100 --> 00:05:47.429 Intangify: different places, including Italy at 1 point. So so Italy was out of the blue, but the rest of it all made sense so so W. What is frank about health? About

00:05:48.210 --> 00:05:54.310 Intangify: how it began? Actually, when I approached Sam back in 2,016, we met through a mutual friend

00:05:54.320 --> 00:06:07.399 Intangify: is, I wanted to do an epilepsy show. It was actually going to be called frank about epilepsy. but the marketing in me had known who would watch that maybe an epileptic patient would or a neurologist would.

00:06:07.610 --> 00:06:13.219 Intangify: But how am I going to build a grassroots audience when there's only 3 weeds in the 3 weeds in that grass pool.

00:06:13.510 --> 00:06:15.550 Intangify: so we named it Frank about health.

00:06:15.770 --> 00:06:20.450 Intangify: because at the same time I was trying to erase the stigma, not influence it.

00:06:21.130 --> 00:06:30.150 Intangify: It allowed me during those 8 episodes, I think, actually was 8 or 12 episodes that I had done on the original talking alternative broadcast network

00:06:30.330 --> 00:06:32.820 Intangify: that I had

00:06:33.150 --> 00:06:45.669 Intangify: And a fellow epileptic friend that has been on Frank about this new iteration of Frank about health named Danielle Swanson, who has talked about to treating her epilepsy with cannabis. So we were able to talk about cannabis treatment.

00:06:45.720 --> 00:06:53.170 Intangify: I had an actress, Aretha Gray, who I'm great friends with. Still, after 12 years since we first met who was able to talk about

00:06:53.260 --> 00:06:57.529 Intangify: epilepsy as well as alternative treatments

00:06:57.890 --> 00:07:00.570 Intangify: for epilepsy, including music therapy.

00:07:00.960 --> 00:07:07.029 Intangify: you know. And it just basically began to allow me to branch out into other health care issues. I then.

00:07:07.040 --> 00:07:17.369 Intangify: at that time. while trying to focus on erasing the stigma of epilepsy. had the fortune to be employed by Hilton hotels. So I decided.

00:07:17.400 --> 00:07:21.240 Intangify: let me stop the show, try my life at Hilton.

00:07:21.440 --> 00:07:34.360 Intangify: and then I got involved in cannabis testing and came back to the world of Covid. So with those 3 experiences in one, I came back to the network to relaunch Frank about health.

00:07:34.380 --> 00:07:39.809 Intangify: so that we can advocate and use. especially Covid. At that time

00:07:40.050 --> 00:07:50.809 Intangify: all of health care has a means for people to get the message out there to find the best resources and treatment choices, because I was seeing, as we all probably were during the pandemic.

00:07:51.520 --> 00:07:58.820 Intangify: a lot of misinformation. So I took it upon myself, while also taking care of my father and my cousin, and things that were going on

00:07:58.920 --> 00:08:07.980 Intangify: to really continue my advocacy work on the radio so frank about health. But it began as an epilepsy show is now a health care advocacy platform.

00:08:08.780 --> 00:08:10.270 Intangify: That's great.

00:08:10.750 --> 00:08:23.699 Intangify:  So you know, I I think if I were the audience right now. What I think is, why are these 2 doing a show together right or 2 shows together, for that matter? And it seems like

00:08:23.890 --> 00:08:24.670 Intangify: like

00:08:24.800 --> 00:08:30.499 Intangify: intangible assets and health are just very unlikely pairing.

00:08:31.100 --> 00:08:43.460 Intangify: But I I think we, as we illustrated yesterday on on your program, you know that there is some discussion to be had, and sometimes having those discussions between the unlikely pairings

00:08:43.860 --> 00:08:59.010 Intangify: like brings about interesting and useful insights that nobody ever would have thought of absolutely So what I thought we would talk about and and why I thought it made sense to have you also on the tangent by

00:08:59.490 --> 00:09:10.180 Intangify: is to really think about health and its relationship. It's impact on, on, on intangible assets.

00:09:10.250 --> 00:09:12.050 Intangify: And in particular.

00:09:12.420 --> 00:09:22.749 Intangify: what I was thinking is, we should really characterize the different kinds of health there are. because health is not necessarily only about

00:09:22.870 --> 00:09:35.010 Intangify: physical health or mental health, or a person's individual health. but it, there's there's other aspects of it that apply a different context. But then, really talking about

00:09:35.630 --> 00:09:55.829 Intangify: health as a prerequisite health, as a need, so help is something that we have to fulfill. Yes, before we can innovate, correct. And then, lastly, health as an inspiration, as what prompts innovation and and innovation in particular fields, you know, and and

00:09:55.830 --> 00:10:09.629 Intangify: a and where where we're going with it. Right? Right? I I totally agree. I mean, health care is like the equivalent of homeostasis. When you have a balance, you're able to move forward beyond the norm or beyond what's consistent.

00:10:09.760 --> 00:10:23.750 Intangify: you know, whenever any of us wake up. Don't feel like we're what we feel like. We're out of sort. So we don't feel in balance. All you want to do is sleep all day or bing to watch television. You don't want to be as innovative as you can be. And when you're feeling as

00:10:24.060 --> 00:10:35.750 Intangify: fully energized and and and vibrant after maybe 8 h sleep or whatever. But it does manifest through our society and through our financial issues and

00:10:35.790 --> 00:10:42.199 Intangify: through the relationships we have. So yeah, I agree with Healthy just beyond the physical inventor.

00:10:42.670 --> 00:10:53.069 Intangify: So we mentioned physical. We mentioned mental You've alluded to social and financial.

00:10:53.170 --> 00:11:09.289 Intangify: you know, other kinds of health that occur to me. maybe include in your career, and like the balance with your between your personal life and your professional life.

00:11:09.350 --> 00:11:10.919 Intangify: is it at, you know.

00:11:13.340 --> 00:11:20.429 Intangify: Well, you know they I I I am. I'm a person who likes to live on on tandras or or or

00:11:22.290 --> 00:11:34.220 Intangify: philosophies. Okay, for example, the name of my show, Frank about health. It is my name, but I'm being open, transparent, frank, and sincere about issues that most people either do think about or just really don't question.

00:11:34.500 --> 00:11:38.009 Intangify: or probably they're unaware of, and then just getting a negative fun right?

00:11:38.420 --> 00:11:43.379 Intangify: At the same time. Another phrase is that without your health you can't generate wealth

00:11:43.820 --> 00:11:47.309 Intangify: or without health, you really have nothing to live for.

00:11:47.590 --> 00:11:56.780 Intangify: or you can't give to others what you can't give to yourself. So the way I think about health is, it's the building blocks of a foundation of being human

00:11:57.370 --> 00:12:02.179 Intangify: all right. When you have a sense of health within yourself. Peace of mind.

00:12:02.620 --> 00:12:09.509 Intangify: you know, you're able to feel the pleasure of getting back to those that are vulnerable and in need

00:12:10.190 --> 00:12:19.139 Intangify: for me. I don't know. Maybe it's my the fact. Yes, I I'm not only an epileptic, but I've been in multiple amounts of therapy over my lifetime, but I don't.

00:12:19.170 --> 00:12:20.180 Intangify: How many

00:12:20.750 --> 00:12:23.669 Intangify: feeling of inadequacy. And admitting that

00:12:23.730 --> 00:12:42.620 Intangify: I think they call it renting a friend, you know, the point is is that we all need to reflect off of ourselves when we don't have the right support system, or probably this conflict in families or the friends that you've experienced in your life. They turn out not to really be your friends, you know we all go through that in various stages of our lives.

00:12:42.880 --> 00:12:50.990 Intangify: but I always have found that I am a very sensitive person. Maybe it's my epilepsy. I don't know. I'd have to question that with my neurologist.

00:12:51.140 --> 00:12:54.980 Intangify: but it actually served me well in understanding my intentions.

00:12:55.130 --> 00:12:57.500 Intangify: So what I mean by

00:12:57.760 --> 00:13:08.490 Intangify: being frank about health, or what I think about health is, it is our key to understanding our place in society, our place within our family, our place in life

00:13:08.990 --> 00:13:13.500 Intangify: now, and for the religious out there, our place with God. you know.

00:13:13.930 --> 00:13:23.419 Intangify: Again I I just try to live a balanced life as best as I can. When you have lived your life with epilepsy for 35 plus years, as I have.

00:13:23.540 --> 00:13:27.450 Intangify: and you reach a point of stability which I've had over the last 15 years.

00:13:27.790 --> 00:13:43.029 Intangify: There's so much gratitude that is just a part of me that at this point. Being an advocate for health. I know it's a mission of mine that was given to me. that that I that I am obligated to do, and I don't have any kind of struggle or frustration of doing it.

00:13:44.500 --> 00:13:53.599 Intangify: So we're we're gonna We're gonna boil down to like all these different aspects of health. But how they

00:13:53.720 --> 00:14:07.130 Intangify: you know that they they're they're being essential to to, to innovation and creation. Well, first, we're going to go to a break, so You'll be listening to in tang if I on top greeted at Mit, and we'll be back short.

00:16:19.250 --> 00:16:36.850 Intangify: welcome back to intensify on top radio dot. Nyc, I'm your host, Matthew as well. My guest is Frank, are Harrison, the host of Frank, about health, also on top radio at Mit, and we're really looking at the intersection between intangible assets or tangible and health

00:16:36.900 --> 00:16:57.350 Intangify: before the break. Frank gave us a little bit of his background and appreciate that. you know, one of the things that Frank told you about was his or told me about was his psychological degree in psychological background. And and Frank, you know, I kept saying how you know health

00:16:57.740 --> 00:17:09.529 Intangify: is a prerequisite to innovation. But you know, is there some sort of you know that scientific background behind that some sort of study, something you've learned in psychology that relates to that.

00:17:09.960 --> 00:17:27.880 Intangify: Well, well, I would have to say that when I was studying psychology at Nyu. It was also in the field of neuro psychology. Being an epileptic patient, I was interested in understanding psychology behind seizure disorder among how the neurons work, and when they misfire, and how it affects your mood and things stuff like that

00:17:28.089 --> 00:17:33.200 Intangify: also being an alumnus from Nyu, where I got my undergraduate degree for the stern school of business.

00:17:33.210 --> 00:17:40.390 Intangify: I had the opportunity as an alumnus while being a student there, to participate in a business plan, competition.

00:17:40.760 --> 00:17:56.609 Intangify: and being that I was involved in healthcare research at the time I came up with what I called a marketing program.

00:17:56.650 --> 00:17:59.500 Intangify: How is it that health

00:18:00.000 --> 00:18:04.209 Intangify: is a prerequisite to any kind of innovation

00:18:04.270 --> 00:18:16.919 Intangify: you know in when you study social psychology, you have a you have. There's some principles behind that. that, hey? You, before you can be worried about this, this or this, you gotta worry about your house.

00:18:17.530 --> 00:18:39.339 Intangify: Okay, no, I I I would have to say again, just from my own experience. The thing is that people feel their most creative and innovative when they feel at peace, when they know if they are suffering from a chronic illness. They're taking their medication. They're doing their exercise. They're getting all of the positive test results back from their doctors, their laboratories, whatever.

00:18:39.340 --> 00:18:54.630 Intangify: There's a confidence boost that people get. Oh, I past my lab this month. Let me go out and bake a cake. Let me through a party, whatever. I think that there's a direct correlation between. When one feels good about their body, their mind in itself joins in.

00:18:54.640 --> 00:19:19.929 Intangify: and therefore it comes inspirational and creative, and ideas formulate. But when a person is depressed and when a person is not feeling well. they remain stagnant. I think it's just the way our the body, mind connection is yeah. And in the field of social psychology there is a famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow came up with something called the hierarchy of need. So I think really directly goes to this to this concept.

00:19:19.930 --> 00:19:49.719 Intangify: Yeah, yeah, from what I understand in my research with Maslow is that it was all about our understanding of our relationship with motivation, first meeting our primal needs before we can go into whatever our secondary needs are going to be for our friends or family, or even the ultimate goal which I don't know if many people really make which is to be complete or altruistic individual to society. I know we've had legendary people like Buddha, or even the Dalai Lama, or people like that. But I I think most people could just do their best within the social system. They're racing

00:19:49.770 --> 00:19:58.749 Intangify: where they get educated from their workplace stuff like that. And I think what I always have view is, you know, people who go to work for others versus the entrepreneurs.

00:19:58.810 --> 00:20:06.410 Intangify: I would say it's always a balanced trade off, because while the entrepreneurs continue to struggle and thrive in doing their own thing.

00:20:06.480 --> 00:20:18.389 Intangify: they're lacking some of the social benefits and resources that working for others provides. But yet they're being true to their own self. Maybe that mission and that fuel that for us is a lot of successful entrepreneurs and business

00:20:18.660 --> 00:20:23.230 Intangify: are those that just want to maintain their sense of peace within themselves, and they live. Their intention.

00:20:23.340 --> 00:20:46.339 Intangify: or their dream, or their mission, or whatever. So I I just have to say that for one to have a sense of the hierarchy of needs also has to be balanced out with how comfortable they feel at the level they're at. Some people might just be comfortable in just meeting their primal needs, although one can say like I've had episodes of Frank about health, about narcissism, we can wonder how extreme are they being with Maslow.

00:20:46.340 --> 00:20:54.569 Intangify: but when it comes down to when it gets to the second and third level which most people are at. And they're taking care of their family, their friends, their community.

00:20:54.860 --> 00:21:00.570 Intangify: There's always a sense of peace when you're achieving your goals, you may not be completely wealthy, as you'd like to be, but

00:21:00.620 --> 00:21:16.029 Intangify: as long as you're at peace and you're balancing out your sense of mental health. In that case I I like how you know. And I studied this when I when I was an undergraduate to this hierarchy of me sort of was Suggest that we

00:21:16.050 --> 00:21:35.160 Intangify: we all aspire towards this greatness, self factualization. But But we can't do that. if we don't have food on the table. And so we start with like you said the primal need we start with, we gotta have food. We need air, we need water, and we need health.

00:21:35.220 --> 00:21:45.910 Intangify: And then we can move on to, okay, are we safe? Right? Our, you know, is this an environment where we're going to be Rob, where we're worried, that there's risk.

00:21:45.990 --> 00:22:15.660 Intangify: Yeah, that's good. That's gonna also put fear and slow us down right. And and there's another level up where it's like your relationship you love and and and and friendship and connection. Right? so I I I like how there are these multiple levels. And once you've achieved a A, A First level, you onto the second one with the idea of the ultimate thing being, you know, self actualization where you can be altruistic, where you can. where you can really understand

00:22:15.680 --> 00:22:18.959 Intangify: all of who you are without the distraction of

00:22:19.360 --> 00:22:35.149 Intangify: the problem you have to solve because you're missing something right? Right? The self actualization need, I think, is the challenge for all of us. It also depends on what country you're from, because we live in a world with various social systems that some of them are actually

00:22:35.290 --> 00:22:49.259 Intangify: deterrent for people reaching the point of self actualization. I don't think the United States is one of them, but there have been times and things that I've seen in the last 10 or so years that make me question that I think as long as you're true to yourself.

00:22:49.440 --> 00:22:52.490 Intangify: even if you're not fully actualized, and what

00:22:52.610 --> 00:23:08.510 Intangify: things that maybe you wanted to accomplish by a certain age, or the people you wanted to be involved with, or if you wanted to have 100 children versus 2 children, I mean, that's an extreme case, obviously. But the thing is is that self actualization. Sometimes it's just enough. As long as you understand yourself.

00:23:09.000 --> 00:23:13.070 Intangify: even if you haven't reached the point of Dali lava, or people like that.

00:23:13.230 --> 00:23:34.729 Intangify: Yeah, that I mean, I I related to that. But actually, you're saying, maybe the Us, you know, is not one of the societies. I actually think that it is I would say that most absolutely. I mean, what is it? We, the people? It's a it's a free country, and we all is strive to be a more perfect union. I'm going the other direction, though I'm I'm suggesting that in a

00:23:34.790 --> 00:23:44.670 Intangify: capitalistic, selfish society, where we where we're trained to look out for ourselves. And and we think about motivation.

00:23:47.690 --> 00:23:58.319 Intangify: that I I certainly try to, you know, be motivated by mutual benefit. and and and even altruistic benefit.

00:23:58.510 --> 00:24:20.500 Intangify: But there definitely are people who, you know, a lot of people who are not, and the society is incentivizing them. Just as much motivation comes. You know, the motivation behind what people do in this, in a society where you need to get things where you're where your materialistic is.

00:24:21.460 --> 00:24:34.280 Intangify: you. You have to kind of divorce yourself from that in order to to get it, you know, advance on the hierarchy. True, but at the same time those individuals that seem to be focused on that linear path where

00:24:34.300 --> 00:24:36.670 Intangify: you know it's my way or no way.

00:24:36.980 --> 00:24:53.829 Intangify: They are lacking a certain connection with others that maybe they inherently want to strive and seek. But they're not sure of that, or they were misled along the way in achieving their other needs, and if they still haven't completely satisfied those other primal needs, they continue to distract

00:24:53.870 --> 00:24:54.950 Intangify: from

00:24:55.170 --> 00:24:58.999 Intangify: what kind of reward they achieve when they've connected with another human being.

00:24:59.050 --> 00:25:07.659 Intangify: There are rewards in that. I'm glad to say. I'm one of them that has seen that, but for those that haven't but yet are successful. On another path

00:25:07.760 --> 00:25:16.349 Intangify: they are still limited, but they are choosing a P. That makes them feel a sense of peace, but they may never find self actualization.

00:25:16.680 --> 00:25:29.149 Intangify: I I I'm sort of It's like a risk reward. Because on one level, when you've got the individuals who've, let's say, focus on the entrepreneurial path. And I'm going to become the richest man in the world, or whatever the story may be.

00:25:29.290 --> 00:25:48.300 Intangify: they may have gotten to that point, but we've heard many stories of wealthy people who are not really happy. So some people along the way that manage to find the other direction. are willing to offset whatever kind of returns they were expecting of financial or materialistic means, because they're seeing the other benefits

00:25:48.450 --> 00:25:53.390 Intangify: through reaching human connection with others. whether it's personally or professional.

00:25:53.400 --> 00:25:57.960 Intangify: Yeah, I agree with that. I I'm seeing

00:25:58.190 --> 00:26:01.690 Intangify: rubber meets the road kind of way.

00:26:01.920 --> 00:26:13.249 Intangify: a difference between meeting immediate or short term needs versus versus long term. So if if if

00:26:16.680 --> 00:26:29.290 Intangify: I have that agenda, and there's and the relationship is structured on what it can. I get that thing from you? I want you to buy something from me. I want you to pay me for something. What? What? What? Whatever it is? I'm trying to get

00:26:29.330 --> 00:26:39.710 Intangify: that short term thing. Actually, it hurts to some degree by idea of building a relationship with you in the long term where

00:26:40.000 --> 00:26:45.299 Intangify: you get benefit because you know me and I get benefit, because I know you and not out for that immediate

00:26:45.760 --> 00:26:52.370 Intangify: yeah, because, yeah, but that would be like a a, A building block towards the path, the path towards narcissism.

00:26:52.530 --> 00:27:11.750 Intangify: You know people are happy being narcissistic. If they are narcissist, you know, I mean, they don't understand that it is pervasive, so they are happy with it, and therefore they don't see that if they've only made a transactional relationship with me, and they meet their need. And then I'm gone because I'm no longer of used to them.

00:27:12.080 --> 00:27:14.550 Intangify: Maybe they don't know what they've just given up.

00:27:14.570 --> 00:27:20.650 Intangify: That's true, you know, and at the same time an individual like me, who's been exposed to those people before in the past

00:27:20.970 --> 00:27:36.419 Intangify: can pretty much detect that kind of person up front. I'm 70 30. I'm not a hundred percent aware of those people. There are a lot of good ones out there that know how to disguise themselves until the very last minute. But the thing is, I'm so used to knowing

00:27:36.710 --> 00:27:54.179 Intangify: that if I'm gonna get very little in return from that person, then I just accept what I get. But have I manage my expectations? I don't create the sense of oh, I really hope this works out so that we can go into business together or no. No, no, I just

00:27:54.190 --> 00:28:06.389 Intangify: all right. This is the transaction you wish for. It's not really completely satisfying to me. I will meet that goal, but I will be looking at my bigger picture, because at the end of the day the best relationship is with yourself.

00:28:07.100 --> 00:28:09.160 Intangify: not not selfish, but

00:28:09.180 --> 00:28:28.149 Intangify: you know when you know what you need, what you want what your goals are, but you want to strive for, then you're able to connect with others that can help you get there. But you can also help them get there. That is the ideal that I I strive for. I'm not saying that everyone should. It really depends on the individual, but

00:28:28.150 --> 00:28:39.699 Intangify: the thing is, is again based on masses hierarchy. It needs, one feels healthy when they've reached the level that their entire structure, their system, their body, is willing to accept.

00:28:39.840 --> 00:28:44.149 Intangify: Yeah, I I I I I I agree, I think, that

00:28:44.310 --> 00:29:00.730 Intangify: you know. And this is gonna take us into our next segment, which is really, you know, how can you really innovate? Right? You need you need to kind of get there by right. But now let's now like, when we come back. I think we should really get into the aspect of

00:29:00.890 --> 00:29:11.430 Intangify: having met those needs, including your health, right? And then having those things be the inspiration for your your future innovation and success.

00:29:11.500 --> 00:29:16.649 Intangify: If you've been listening to a tang, if I on top radio that Nyc and will be that short

00:31:17.600 --> 00:31:29.990 Intangify: Welcome back to intentify on top radio, dot. Nyc. My guess is, Frank, are Harrison, the host of Frank, about health, also on top radio that Nyc. Before the break we were talking about

00:31:29.990 --> 00:31:48.260 Intangify: health really, as a prerequisite to innovation. You need to have your health. And we talked about different kinds of health. and we sort of talked about the the hierarchy of need, and sort of where you can get to, or where you can aspire to get to what motivates people.

00:31:48.330 --> 00:31:54.780 Intangify: I think. Where I want to take you now is where you wanted to go a little earlier, which is, which is

00:31:55.830 --> 00:32:01.200 Intangify: health, is not only a prerequisite, but it also can be an inspiration correct.

00:32:01.240 --> 00:32:05.560 Intangify: and I'd love to know how health has been an inspiration in your life.

00:32:06.370 --> 00:32:10.169 Intangify: Oh, it's very simple, and for in my case

00:32:10.290 --> 00:32:14.410 Intangify: I I developed epilepsy. When I was 16 years old

00:32:14.650 --> 00:32:18.200 Intangify: in my High School history class.

00:32:18.620 --> 00:32:30.079 Intangify: while he had stayed up all night studying for an important calculus exam. I was a very competitive concentration at Brooklyn Technical High School. It's called the Math Science Institute.

00:32:30.410 --> 00:32:37.800 Intangify: and I was under such stress because of the individuals in the class that were an unhappy with the 99.

00:32:37.880 --> 00:32:45.770 Intangify: They wanted 100, and I think I internalize that stress so much that it probably was a trigger for my very first seizure

00:32:46.090 --> 00:32:49.959 Intangify: that all being said, I think I've been motivated by

00:32:50.360 --> 00:32:53.040 Intangify: just trying to stay seizure free.

00:32:53.290 --> 00:33:00.999 Intangify: and that allowed me to learn creative skills in terms of managing my health. managing my my

00:33:05.460 --> 00:33:11.109 Intangify: And then I, just by default, continued. By the way, I

00:33:11.510 --> 00:33:17.100 Intangify: strove to be the best that I could be. I became very entrepreneurial in nature.

00:33:17.290 --> 00:33:29.899 Intangify: I I've always been told by teachers and friends and family members. You're so creative. You're so articulate. So I I'm like not understand what the hell they're talking about, I mean. But all I was doing was

00:33:30.100 --> 00:33:41.929 Intangify: in my mind, trying to survive had an era when epilepsy was so stigmatizing that whenever anyone saw me go into a seizure. they would say, you just said, Oh, no, I was just in sauce today.

00:33:41.970 --> 00:33:52.250 Intangify: I didn't have enough sleep last night trying to make excuses for it. So I ended up being alone a lot and isolated ironically, though when you are a light, isolated and alone.

00:33:52.340 --> 00:33:55.709 Intangify: if you're being productive, you can do your best. Creative thinking.

00:33:56.370 --> 00:34:06.309 Intangify: Most people like to be around others all the time, especially in the high school year since puberty time. Whatever you're not interested in being different. You're interested in being

00:34:06.400 --> 00:34:10.830 Intangify: in, in the know, or with the with the right crew, or whatever the phrase is.

00:34:11.520 --> 00:34:22.230 Intangify: But for me it served me well when I got to college, and when I went beyond that, everything I ended up pursuing through innovation, through entrepreneurship, through developing a show

00:34:22.380 --> 00:34:23.660 Intangify: that was all

00:34:23.719 --> 00:34:31.010 Intangify: through my need to continue to fight and advocate for myself and for others, so I would have to say that

00:34:31.040 --> 00:34:37.130 Intangify: the restrictions and limitations of epilepsy became my benefit became my biggest asset.

00:34:37.560 --> 00:34:43.469 Intangify: Now I freely even people I don't know if they say what makes you so creative. It's probably because I'm an epileptic.

00:34:43.750 --> 00:34:53.119 Intangify: you know I use it as my asset of my character that fuels my motivation and innovation, and a lot of it has been in the Median entertainment industries.

00:34:53.260 --> 00:34:56.759 Intangify: you know, especially with talk radio, that at Myc. I'm in my second year now.

00:34:56.870 --> 00:35:10.179 Intangify: you know. but at the same time there was a business model that I did create while I was at Nyu, obtaining my psychology degree that was really to benefit the community of people not having their health care expenses met.

00:35:10.310 --> 00:35:15.380 Intangify: Their insurance was not adequate enough. This is pre obamacare. So

00:35:15.450 --> 00:35:24.870 Intangify: I think that in itself was really the precursor to getting involved in podcasting and new technologies that are around today and expedited because of covid.

00:35:24.930 --> 00:35:38.450 Intangify: But at that time it was a simple case where I had found myself in another predicament where I had a choice to pay my health insurance. Epileptic patients on individual carriers being priced out of 3,000 a month. Premium

00:35:38.950 --> 00:35:45.939 Intangify: was either that or pay my phone bill. I chose to pay my phone bill. I dropped my health coverage and I said to myself.

00:35:46.130 --> 00:35:51.010 Intangify: How is it that I can't pay my phone bill and get cash back for my health care.

00:35:51.250 --> 00:35:57.530 Intangify: And I created a business plan. I was in a competition at Nyu. I called the company med cache

00:35:58.190 --> 00:36:02.050 Intangify: community action for social health care. That's what the cash stood for.

00:36:02.430 --> 00:36:13.659 Intangify: And the focus really was to provide cash back just for living your life. Use your debit card, or at that time the iphone came out. So use your mobile wallet. your apple. I phone in particular

00:36:13.720 --> 00:36:24.030 Intangify: and get cash back at brands that cared for their consumers health care. So it was targeting Verizon Starbucks target Macy's

00:36:24.230 --> 00:36:26.660 Intangify: typical brands that I knew back then

00:36:26.830 --> 00:36:32.279 Intangify: that we're trying to do their own incentive programs. I thought, create a cash back program.

00:36:32.350 --> 00:36:42.169 Intangify: join Med Cache as a member, and therefore the cash you get back is ex use exclusively for your co-payments, high deductibles, and things that health care was not covering.

00:36:42.340 --> 00:36:44.499 Intangify: Your insurance was not covering.

00:36:44.950 --> 00:36:48.379 Intangify: I had to table that, though, because my epilepsy took over.

00:36:48.680 --> 00:36:59.619 Intangify: and as such, because of seizure, activity, and whatever I kept the trademark alive for about 3 or 4 years later, and I let it go, and I renamed my company health E media.

00:36:59.630 --> 00:37:01.060 Intangify: which has it now

00:37:01.260 --> 00:37:10.190 Intangify: created. Well, Frank, about health is one of my properties. you know another one. And now in partnership with Hilton hotels, my former employer.

00:37:10.270 --> 00:37:20.940 Intangify: because during the pandemic some of their brands in the New York area we're turning their hotels into a central worker places. And when I met up with them back, then, 2,020.

00:37:21.310 --> 00:37:26.749 Intangify:  we're talking about developing a podcast together called the Cadre report.

00:37:26.890 --> 00:37:46.070 Intangify: which never materialized, because all the restrictions in New York were lifted by the time it was ready. So I came back to Frank about health, with the intention still bring in Hilton as a sponsor in feud in the future while revamping that cash. But as a community, because going back to your earlier question about what makes a person innovative when they're healthy.

00:37:46.630 --> 00:37:53.099 Intangify: I think, hidden inside. All of us want to be connected. We want to be part of the community. A tribe, they call it, especially on social media.

00:37:53.440 --> 00:38:02.399 Intangify: Med Cache can now be that tribe on the right platform. But until that right platform is developed I'm just gonna keep it where it is right now.

00:38:02.560 --> 00:38:05.260 Intangify: which is waiting for the next person to carry the torch.

00:38:05.790 --> 00:38:09.089 Intangify: It's a great story. the

00:38:09.440 --> 00:38:17.130 Intangify: I I had some experience early in my career. working for a psychiatrist to specialize in attention deficit disorder.

00:38:17.510 --> 00:38:28.140 Intangify: and I was convinced I don't. I've never been diagnosed, but I was convinced that myself and others in my family should, you know, should have been diagnosed

00:38:28.350 --> 00:38:31.350 Intangify: but also that

00:38:32.380 --> 00:38:35.269 Intangify: it was an advantage for me

00:38:35.760 --> 00:38:37.340 Intangify: that

00:38:37.830 --> 00:38:51.489 Intangify: that I was able to take seemingly unrelated concepts and form creative things by combining them and thinking of them in new ways, that nobody thought of right and

00:38:51.620 --> 00:39:03.480 Intangify: a a and so I I I never saw it as you know it. It it well, if I had it, it never stopped me from doing it. So I I I can't can't relate entirely to the epilepsy situation.

00:39:03.660 --> 00:39:09.690 Intangify: But But in a sense it fueled the fire of innovation.

00:39:09.940 --> 00:39:15.870 Intangify: Yes, and and I I think that's fascinating and useful and powerful.

00:39:15.880 --> 00:39:19.240 Intangify: Yes, and you know, I'm also reminded of like

00:39:20.050 --> 00:39:29.330 Intangify: all these like human interest stories, you see, like let's say, athletes the the athlete who, you know, who lost the limb, and then.

00:39:29.650 --> 00:39:50.100 Intangify: you know, competes in the actual, like the Olympics, and right, and and the achievements that people have just in spite of, and and not only in spite of, in spite of and inspired by their disability or problem, or whatever it is. Right. I I I do believe in the case when they say someone loses a limb or they lose their hearing, or they lose their site.

00:39:50.470 --> 00:39:52.709 Intangify: they develop either an enhanced

00:39:53.820 --> 00:40:12.060 Intangify: well. One of their other 4 senses becomes enhanced, or they develop a 6 sense about something that most people who have all their senses be the farthest from their imagination. Now, in the in the case of what you were saying about having this gift to integrate things that are seemingly mismatched and come up with a new innovative solution.

00:40:12.140 --> 00:40:26.259 Intangify: That is the perfect example of someone who is healthy and their brain waves. Their neurological pathways are so hyper enhance, maybe based on education, diver, diversity of experience, life, experience, traumas

00:40:26.290 --> 00:40:47.119 Intangify: that has just enabled you to come up with things that probably most people can't think of now. I always give a statement like that, based on the fact that as an epileptic who's had numerous seizures between the ages of 16, and I think my last one was when I was in my mid fortys. The point of the matter is is that I do know. Other pathways were enhanced in my brain

00:40:47.220 --> 00:40:52.040 Intangify: all of a sudden I'm remembering details of events that happened to me when I was 5.

00:40:52.300 --> 00:41:06.919 Intangify: You know that that is to say, Okay, I have a good memory. But no, I do believe sometimes when you're undergoing a seizure, certain neural pathways come and create new skill sets that you're unaware of until the time comes, you know, at the same time

00:41:07.120 --> 00:41:10.200 Intangify: having to deal with constant stress over.

00:41:10.320 --> 00:41:17.330 Intangify: Am I going to have it on the seizure. Am I on the right medication? What happened would be the choice between the phone bill and the insurance, or

00:41:17.570 --> 00:41:24.970 Intangify: watching my father go through cancer watching my cousin recently go through a whole upheaval of neurological

00:41:25.300 --> 00:41:27.460 Intangify: balance and and health and wellness

00:41:28.300 --> 00:41:37.609 Intangify: it. It's just okay. Well, I've already been through my own traumas. I see what you're going through, and I know what you need to accomplish. So I just learned through my traumas

00:41:37.620 --> 00:41:42.710 Intangify: what other people need, which I probably would have never understood if I never had my first seizure.

00:41:42.960 --> 00:41:50.280 Intangify: So I think, just from that experience alone I learned to look at innovation as a necessary outgrowth of a disability.

00:41:52.310 --> 00:41:54.210 Intangify: And if you own that.

00:41:55.090 --> 00:42:03.890 Intangify: that's that's truly being entrepreneurial. But if you own that you use it as an advantage instead of I shouldn't be thinking this way. What are people going to say?

00:42:04.160 --> 00:42:07.570 Intangify: They're gonna say, wow! I wish I knew you 5 years ago.

00:42:07.840 --> 00:42:15.960 Intangify: you know, that's also another thing. We live in a society that, unfortunately, whether it's social media or through improper media, or

00:42:16.050 --> 00:42:19.419 Intangify: people who are just qualified to say have things they do.

00:42:19.440 --> 00:42:25.669 Intangify: Either they believe it or they don't, or they jaded, or they're skeptical, or they're not fully thinking anything. They're living in fear.

00:42:25.750 --> 00:42:29.690 Intangify: If people would just give themselves a moment to reflect

00:42:29.700 --> 00:42:41.419 Intangify: and just see. Okay, I have this weakness. How can I make it into a string? Then they can look at it in a different way. and actually inspire others. Just a matter of reception. I once said to a friend of mine

00:42:41.690 --> 00:42:53.129 Intangify: that I should write a book one day called Perception is everything, because it truly is. It is the perception that creates consensus, and when consensus is ge, that becomes the majority opinion, whether it's right or wrong.

00:42:53.680 --> 00:43:17.599 Intangify: it's also dangerous. But the thing is, as long as you have your own inner guide to do reality, testing and see whether or not what you're hearing or what you see is is workable, is doable to get meet some of those hierarchies of needs, including the actualization phase, it's interesting. So I I I mentor a lot of students and and recent lawyers, new, recently minted lawyers.

00:43:17.670 --> 00:43:23.270 Intangify: and where is it going with that the

00:43:24.510 --> 00:43:30.600 Intangify: Sorry I just lost. I just lost my train of thought. You were saying you meant to them in terms of being able to harness their creativity.

00:43:30.810 --> 00:43:43.690 Intangify: I meant to them in their careers. I noticed where I was going, and when when they're in the job market you know they they're They're taught about the interview questions that they get from perspective

00:43:44.010 --> 00:43:45.080 Intangify: employers.

00:43:45.190 --> 00:44:02.839 Intangify: The interview questions along the lines of you know. Tell me, tell me so. So tell me a weakness of yours, and how you go. Comment. Tell me, tell me about your strengths, things like that. And when when and and I I've heard, when they're told to

00:44:03.550 --> 00:44:18.540 Intangify: respond to how, how it trained to respond to the sort of standard interview question of what's your weakness is to to take. to take a strength and disguise it as a weakness or to take a or to say your weakness, but show how it's a straight.

00:44:18.940 --> 00:44:29.610 Intangify: because it's exactly what you just said. It's basically like you just reinterpret it. And you and you look at how it is valuable And

00:44:29.700 --> 00:44:31.659 Intangify: and when you paint it in that light.

00:44:31.680 --> 00:44:50.779 Intangify: you you're helping other people to see it in that light, and then they all kind of go on with it. Sure that's the way it is. But you know what the hidden message and all of that is, while you're in the typical interview set up, I guess, for a lot of people graduating from, I guess, law school or business school, and they're going to see how to press the interviewer.

00:44:51.120 --> 00:45:02.249 Intangify: What they're telling you to do is make the other person see your value. but the best way to show them your value is when you believe in it yourself.

00:45:02.550 --> 00:45:18.919 Intangify: and so it's easy to turn your weakness into a strength when you believe in that, because as a stream, you gotta believe it, though, that's okay, exactly. We gotta go to a break. But you've been listening to intangify on talk radio, dot. Nyc, and we'll be right back.

00:47:23.990 --> 00:47:53.029 Intangify: Welcome back to intang. If I have your host, Mac, you as well, and our guest is Frank, our Harrison, the host of Frank, about health, also on top radio, dot. Nyc. We've been talking about the intersection between health and intangible assets, and we covered some aspects about health as a pre requisite to innovation. We've talked a little bit about the hierarchy of needs had a pretty interesting conversation about motivation

00:47:53.090 --> 00:48:03.200 Intangify: and and then we start to talk really about health as inspiration for for creativity of all different kinds.

00:48:03.250 --> 00:48:10.599 Intangify: so so, Frank, I think where I want to go with this now is talk to you about

00:48:11.440 --> 00:48:22.380 Intangify: you as an innovator and an and the kinds of needs that you have as an innovator. So I think maybe that would relate more to the entrepreneurs in our audience.

00:48:22.610 --> 00:48:32.220 Intangify: Okay, I I I could say that, based on our conversation, a lot of what I've innovated over my lifetime, including Frank about health, has been to solve a problem of mine.

00:48:32.540 --> 00:48:36.479 Intangify: But in turn discussing it openly with others that have the simpler problem.

00:48:36.750 --> 00:48:40.210 Intangify: And I think over the last 2 years, and, thanks to Sam.

00:48:40.340 --> 00:48:49.260 Intangify: I have been able to solve the problems of helping people deal with crises in in the area of epilepsy as well as mental health.

00:48:49.440 --> 00:49:00.970 Intangify: but even more so during the Covid pandemic, I mean, that was enough people for all of us, I'm sure. But can you imagine doing a podcast while you're dealing with people that have been infected with Covid in your own home.

00:49:01.110 --> 00:49:19.400 Intangify: and not sure if you need to go home, or even the the opportunity that I've had with Hilton to be able to feature them as the brand that is there for people during a pandemic, and which is why that, even though that it's no longer an urgent need for them. They still want to work with me in a different way.

00:49:19.460 --> 00:49:33.370 Intangify: you know, and that way is still under development. So I think that my needs are to continue to innovate where I feel needed, but with the knowledge that I have the resources that are needed to accomplish what other people need from me

00:49:33.590 --> 00:49:43.649 Intangify: like if someone needed me to help them open a restaurant. I'm sorry I'm not your guy. I could recommend a good chef, but as far as I know, but in terms of

00:49:43.850 --> 00:50:03.699 Intangify: like, I am so amazed with your knowledge of intellectual property on many levels, especially in health care. and I know I had battled the whole issue like even we discussed on my show yesterday the generic versus brand drug issue. I I had to go to Canada for my medications, because my insurance was not covering brand or generic, but Canada was giving me

00:50:03.770 --> 00:50:27.469 Intangify: the price of insurance. 3 months supply of Brandon drugs. It was a lifesaver. Now that was a learning experience in the following way, I want to know that as I continue to develop Frank about health or work closely with Hilton, or even develop healthy media which is going to be a whole basis of intellectual property as assets to help communicate

00:50:28.240 --> 00:50:33.199 Intangify: various media channels of communication, knowledge, resources for others.

00:50:33.890 --> 00:50:55.490 Intangify: Should I be involved heavily with an attorney and get the proper contractual guidance? Should I trademark everything? Should I copy right? Everything? What what do I do if it given the opportunity to create a health care documentary? Should I be working with members of the entertainment industry again? Or, in other words, is this something that I can coordinate

00:50:55.720 --> 00:51:00.569 Intangify: with the community of people that I've already managed to build? with talk radio?

00:51:01.570 --> 00:51:02.810 Intangify: There's so much.

00:51:03.150 --> 00:51:21.680 Intangify: so much to it, and I'm mindful of in this capacity, not wanting to to be conveying any legal advice. but But I think you know there's some general guidance that that the entrepreneurs listening to this program like yourself would would appreciate

00:51:21.850 --> 00:51:35.919 Intangify: because it it. It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs as they learn about the different kinds of intellectual property and and what they're. And they think about what they're doing, what they could ultimately

00:51:36.570 --> 00:51:48.080 Intangify: get in terms of rights and protections and and assets right to want to do it all and

00:51:48.430 --> 00:51:53.889 Intangify: and as the as the lawyer you know, on one hand, you know.

00:51:54.400 --> 00:51:55.760 Intangify: You see

00:51:56.130 --> 00:52:09.550 Intangify: a client that wants to do all these things, and that's income for you. That's your that's how you can generate more. You know you can do more things. But going back to what we're talking about before with short term and long term needs. If I if

00:52:09.700 --> 00:52:11.990 Intangify: if we look at our client

00:52:12.150 --> 00:52:40.200 Intangify: if we look at you and we say Oh, well, I can just go do all these things that he wants to do. He thinks that he needs I get what I want out of you in the short term. I get that benefit. But ultimately the relationship is not going to be very good, especially when you figured out that you you've spent all your bank account on on on me and not on the marketing, that you should have been doing, or or other aspects.

00:52:41.690 --> 00:52:46.289 Intangify: you know. So the you know. The I think the advice is that

00:52:46.440 --> 00:52:57.680 Intangify: you need to find somebody with whom you you connected. Who you trust. Going back to our program yesterday? Right? All about trust. Right? But you have to trust somebody

00:52:57.750 --> 00:53:03.160 Intangify: and and you gotta feel that that person is looking after your needs in the long term.

00:53:03.200 --> 00:53:06.119 Intangify: So they've got to be thinking about. Okay.

00:53:07.350 --> 00:53:26.760 Intangify: I could go and register, every trademark and every copyright and every pat that every every possible thing, worldwide, world domination of intellectual property, right and frank, will just be paying me out of his pocket, and will not be able to afford to do anything in his business will fail.

00:53:26.770 --> 00:53:28.729 Intangify: or I can think about

00:53:29.320 --> 00:53:37.590 Intangify: all right. What do you really need right now? And what could be put off? And where are your goals for expansion? How do we come up with a strategy together.

00:53:38.600 --> 00:53:43.889 Intangify: Yes, I will earn income over time from being your attorney if I were you that capacity.

00:53:43.910 --> 00:53:51.560 Intangify: But you will appreciate that you prioritize properly, and that you spent the money on the things you really needed.

00:53:52.000 --> 00:54:11.119 Intangify: And you're right. The message of Hey, you want to come back when this happens, because it's to more than correct, so iterate, instead of being like. conquer the world today.

00:54:11.160 --> 00:54:18.199 Intangify: building Frank about health. But then there was putting that to sleep because that had to be done. It says to me that

00:54:18.300 --> 00:54:24.889 Intangify: I really need to talk about the contrary report. I need a cadre of attorneys that handles each bucket.

00:54:25.070 --> 00:54:45.870 Intangify: and they interact with each other. So that the whole big picture is, look, that's not one person. That's the solution. It's the team like you mentioned yesterday that you're building even legally in order, especially for an area like healthcare. It's a team of attorneys that can see which piece of intellectual priority takes precedence

00:54:46.090 --> 00:54:54.940 Intangify: over the long term mission of my IP company. Healthy media. right? Yeah. Yes, yes and no, because the

00:54:55.910 --> 00:55:19.579 Intangify: you know, when you're starting up, you know, I mean. It depends on where you are in your business, right? When you're starting up as an entrepreneur, you really don't have the luxury of having a whole team of attorneys. You. You're going to break your bank that way, too. So you gotta start somewhere and you know, you, you try to identify the area of need. Hopefully, the person you're working with, if you only do have one.

00:55:19.700 --> 00:55:28.269 Intangify: And there are people who have 2 other people who have 10. But other people will bring them in house right. But I think as a starting point, you have.

00:55:28.280 --> 00:55:45.880 Intangify: You have somebody you trust, and you also trust that person to know when something is beyond their capacity or their knowledge, and to know people who they can send you to with those things. And then they bring in the team, and they help you form the team

00:55:46.150 --> 00:55:47.899 Intangify: rather than you had this team

00:55:48.170 --> 00:55:59.250 Intangify: this contract attorneys from like magically, I've got these 8 attorneys, you know. Obviously, if they're part of the same from that definitely cuts down on wherever the confusion can start doing night.

00:55:59.280 --> 00:56:09.840 Intangify: it can. But it doesn't have to be you know, and I have many situations in in my practice where I collaborate with attorneys and other firms who, you know.

00:56:10.790 --> 00:56:12.839 Intangify: established relationships with with

00:56:12.870 --> 00:56:19.189 Intangify: the mutual client and and you know, it's more about like we need to stay in our late

00:56:19.210 --> 00:56:33.370 Intangify: right. I I don't want to step on their toes. You know we don't make each other look bad. We try to help each other. And ultimately we gotta think about the client. And how do we not end up costing the client more because they're paying for the 2 of us?

00:56:33.540 --> 00:56:37.910 Intangify: right? Right, or the 3 of us, or whatever it's going to be.

00:56:38.050 --> 00:57:01.930 Intangify: Well, I I guess that kind of goes in line that when you're looking at the financial ramifications of whatever you're building, while at the same time trying to offset expenses. You have to be mindful of your accountants along with your attorney. Do you find that from the entrepreneurial clients that you've managed, that the law firm is able to provide the accountant as well as part of the team? Or do they have to find that accountant on their own.

00:57:01.990 --> 00:57:18.949 Intangify: I mean, we don't have accountants in our firm that we assigned to our clients that that's not usually how it works, but but certainly we work a lot with a lot of different accountants, and sometimes the accountants are our contact within the client, sometimes.

00:57:19.610 --> 00:57:24.490 Intangify: you know, sometimes their accountants that our clients have told us about, or we just know them from networking

00:57:24.570 --> 00:57:31.450 Intangify: right? And and so, you know, we can refer clients to accountants, and then they go and do that. We don't get any benefit from that

00:57:31.650 --> 00:57:41.020 Intangify: But the client doing business with your client in terms of meeting their needs. And, similarly and similarly speaking, well, I mean with part of this.

00:57:41.030 --> 00:57:56.819 Intangify: regardless of what you do with your lawyer, your account. You're an entrepreneur like a lot of what all of us do is connect people with each other that we think might be helpful. I mean, that's what Sam has done for us, and

00:57:56.820 --> 00:58:26.320 Intangify: a, and going back to the theme, you know we have in tangible health, you know we can take seemingly unrelated things and put them together and go. Let's see what this is like. Let's see what we think exactly. And of course, if you have a healthy client and a healthy attorney. You have a healthy relationship, so I hope so. So. You know, as a maybe I could. You have a final message that you could share with our audience, you know, mostly our audience or entrepreneurial. Wh. What? What would be the message you want to share with? We'll share with them.

00:58:26.680 --> 00:58:39.880 Intangify: But in in the realm of intellectual property, especially in the area of health care. You have to remember that you yourself are a piece of intellectual property like I was telling

00:58:39.970 --> 00:58:56.510 Intangify: Matt here that Frank R. Harrison is my name, because my father shares the same name with me, so I differentiate myself with my middle initial, especially when meeting people in healthcare circles and other business circles, that my father normally does not have those relationships with.

00:58:56.510 --> 00:59:10.129 Intangify: However, that being said, my recommendation to all your entrepreneurs out there, besides knowing your intellectual property within your business or within your other podcasts. Or if you're, a screen writer, your script, so forth, and so on.

00:59:10.180 --> 00:59:15.390 Intangify: No, you are a piece of that IP, because it came from your mind

00:59:15.580 --> 00:59:38.349 Intangify: to that paper, to that formula, to that pharmaceutical drug. Therefore always keep in mind that you are just as valuable as your businesses. That would be my take away. I think that's a great message. I I I would add, I would add that that you know you're just is is valuable, because years later that business may be gone. That drug may be done.

00:59:38.350 --> 00:59:59.959 Intangify: you know, but you're as good as your next thing, you know. So the one thing you created it doesn't matter. You're going to keep iterate, and then you make yourself valuable enough to leave a legacy behind, so that when you, when you've moved on in whatever way that needs, someone can carry it forward because it's still for the community at the end of the day. Yeah. And there's also another kind of help, right? The sort of succession planning and thinking about things of that nature.

00:59:59.960 --> 01:00:14.920 Intangify: Exactly so. that wraps us up for for this episode of intangify you know, I'm really glad, Frank, that we had the chance to to do these 2 shows together and explore the interaction between the tangible and health.

01:00:15.600 --> 01:00:43.849 Intangify: But you've been listening to in tang if I on talk radio dot Nyc tune in on Fridays at noon Eastern for our future episodes, and you can catch the archive at top rate at Nyc. As well as Youtube Facebook Linkedin Twitch TV. I can't keep track of them all. I'm sure you're gonna find it. But anyway, glad to have you in? See you next time? Thanks so much. Yeah.

01:00:43.850 --> 01:00:49.630 Intangify: See you next week on Frank about health as well. 5 pm. On Thursdays. Yeah, thanks.

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