Frank R. Harrison is a passionate entrepreneur who leverages his skillset and personal experience to help others. A compassionate healthcare advocate, Frank has made it his life’s mission to empower and support those navigating life-altering health conditions with his Cadre of guests each having a related healthcare issue that they will share with Frank on his weekly podcast.

A seasoned professional with an extensive background and expertise Frank R. Harrison employs his past experiences in his business and social ventures today. An NYU and Fordham University graduate with an MBA in Business, an MA in Psychology, and an MS in Integrated Marketing and social media, Frank has previously worked for powerhouse companies in the media, entertainment and technology sectors.

Frank has more recently shifted his focus to the healthcare and hospitality industries, opting to pursue to erase the stigma and bring about awareness of healthcare topics he deeply understands and has been personally involved with. His Public Advocacy training with Cornell University during the Pandemic has made Frank evolve his platform into a forthcoming live event and media platform with Health E Media, Inc. in conjunction with Hilton Worldwide.

Frank is a firm believer that opening the dialogue and exposing the facts and truth about critical health conditions, makes it possible to make a significant difference in society. By sharing personal stories, connecting with fellow patients and health care professionals, along with researching and analyzing innovative treatment options, Frank R. Harrison hopes to educate the public on the professional and social effects of each disease he investigates and discusses.

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