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Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/25 - Forgiveness Continued

Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/25 - Forgiveness Continued


2018/07/25 - Forgiveness Continued

[EPISODE]  Forgiveness Continued! 

Forgiving yourself is freedom! It's how you truly let go. How would you like to feel energetically lighter, freer, and happier? What if you could lose weight, increase your energy levels, and truly walk in well-being by releasing the story of your past - what happened, who hurt you, and how broken you are.  Join me as we dive even deeper into the impact forgiveness can have on your mind, body & spirit. Tune in to hear the letter from the winner of my "Let it Go" contest! This will be an amazing opportunity to be a part of an incredibly brave share and open your heart to the true meaning of forgiveness.  Would you like to transform your thoughts, your body, how you feel about yourself? Let's truly experience the power forgiveness together as learn how to lose weight energetically (physically) and truly walk in freedom & ease!  Nourish the Soul is brought to you by NY Loves Yoga! Check out their brand new "Upstairs Oasis" at Tune in to learn more!  

This week, Elizabeth reveals the winner of her letter to your ex contest! She also discusses healing the heart through storytelling and forgiveness!

Segment 1:

Elizabeth discusses special energy and how she incorporates it into her practice, The healing  power of storytelling, The journey of self discovery, Elizabeth continues the conversation about forgiveness, The personal benefit of forgiveness

Segment 2:

What is Elizabeth forgiving herself for?, Elizabeth shares her experience of misguided maternal energy, How the constant need for others to share their issues with you is a learned behavior, Codependent relationships and complacency, “A true friend doesn’t allow a friend to continue to make the same mistakes”

Segment 3:

Elizabeth continues to share her personal journey with forgiveness, Creating boundaries in friendships and the result of letting go of old habits, Learning to say no, Changing who you are and not being a prisoner of your past, “Feelings can play tricks on you when the mind gets involved”, Elizabeth does an exercise with the listeners

Segment 4:

Elizabeth completes exercise with her listeners, How unreleased emotions lead to blockage and disease, Elizabeth reads the winning letter of the forgiveness contest.

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