Many of us like the idea of having influence.

Influence either through fame or fortune.

We feel it would be great to have so many people listening to us.

Yet we often forget to consider what come with that influence.

It can feel wonderful to know that millions of people will listen to our words.

We think that by having such a reach we will have a positive impact on the world.

But what happens when we make a mistake?

What happens when we spread information that we believe is true at the time, yet turns out not to be?

Do we ever think about the consequences of having such a huge reach?

To have influence is often equated with power.

The power to change minds or to influence events.

Yet with that power comes a great deal of responsibility.

Many people will use that influence irresponsibility for they are only interest in self promotion.

Yet when we are a person of conscience, we can also feel the burden of the responsibility.

What if we believe something is true today and tomorrow we find out we are wrong?

Will we go back out and tell everyone we made a mistake?

Can we live with that embarrassment?

Can we face up to the fact that what we put out to our following before, we now know was incorrect?

It is not easy to do so.

When we've spent so much time building up our reputation and our reach, we naturally shy away from anything that can damage it.

Yet as responsible people, as people with a heart and a conscience, we have no choice.

That is why the burden is actually on us to be careful what we do with our influence.

Examples of people who use their influence carelessly are all around us.

We have seen it done in small ways and big ways.

So for people who take stock of the consequences of our actions, it is not an easy path.

We know that our influence over our tribe is the most precious thing.

Being protective of our influence comes naturally to us.

This is why we are extra careful what we cultivate and spread to our tribe.

It is an important reminder for all of us.

With great power and influence comes great responsibility.

And even if our influence is not so large, we still have a responsibility.

To our friends, our family, and all of our loved ones.

Have you been responsible with your influence?

Have you been careful to use your influence appropriately?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant