Sometimes we are pushed to take an action.

We might not be sure if it is the right thing to do.

Doubt creeps in and we are not quite sure.

Yet when the moment arrives that we take a stand, life rewards us.

We may feel uncomfortable in the process.

There is uncertainty around what will happen next.

We face the unknown and get nervous about it.

Yet we can no longer stay and put up with something that is out of alignment.

It is time for us to walk a different path.

A time to move on.

We may not know what lies before us.

The future is often unpredictable.

Yet when the smoke clears and the dust settles we will find ourselves in a very different place.

For having stood up for ourselves tells the universe to stand up for us.

So as we leave out one door another door opens for us.

And that change that we were so fearful of before turns out to be a great blessing.

What had us doubt our choices and our actions turns into a new opportunity for something better.

Life always responds to us when we take better care of ourselves.

When we no longer put up with something that does not make out heart sing, Life rewards us.

We are given a new opportunity that is more in alignment with who we know ourselves to be.

Life never punishes us for standing up for what is right for us.

It may not be obvious at the time.

Sometimes we have to wait to for things to work out just right.

Or we just need time to find a new perspective that shows us how our situation is so much better than before.

It may take some courage to face our fears and stand up for ourselves.

To say "No" when it is not convenient.

Yet surely as we walk out the door and move in a new direction, Life supports us as it always has.

Is there something you are putting up with that it is time to change?

Is your fear holding you back from doing what you know you must do?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour