Everything we do is a choice.

Moment to moment we choose where we place our attention.

We choose how we show up in the world.

And we choose how we respond to our situation.

Sometimes those choices are conscious and purposeful.

Other times they are unconscious and reactive.

Being human we flow back and forth between the two.

So how do we live a more empowered life?

How do we learn to be more aware of our choices and make better ones?

There is one key that brings us to greater awareness and agency.

For when this one thing is absent, we lose our ability to be mindful in our choices.

And that key is responsibility.

When we take full responsibility for all of our choices, we can decide to make different ones.

On the contrary, when we reject our responsibility by blaming others, we fall into victimhood and lose our agency.

This is not just true sometimes.

It is true all the time.

As we decide to take responsibility for everything we choose, all the good choices and all the bad choices, now we have ownership.

Once we own our choices we can do something about them.

It does not matter whether these are personal choices, business choices, career choices, or romantic choices.

it is all the same.

Because it is about our taking responsibility over them so we can move in a different direction.

As long as we are shunning our part in any choice, we cannot change that choice.

When we own our choices and allow ourselves to be accountable for them, now we have taken back our power.

Now we can live life more consciously.

And we can be more mindful of every new choice we make.

This does not mean that we are always conscious and fully in our agency.

We are human beings and we make mistakes and we will all fail at this sometimes.

Failing is not the problem.

As long as we recognize it and learn from it.

For it is about leaning into where we want to go and how we want to be.

The more we focus on taking responsibility for our lives, the more we will.

So the next time we have a choice to make, perhaps we can give ourselves a little space to sit with the choice before we make it.

By taking the time to breathe and truly feel how this next choice will impact the situation.

And being even more aware that this choice can be completely different from any choice we have ever made before.

The choice is ours.

So where in your own life have you not been conscious about your choices?

What would support you in taking more responsibility and making an empower choice?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour