We often look with wonder at the world around us.

It can be so big and complex.

So intricate and diverse.

Yet there is another world equally fascinating we don't often consider.

It is a world with the richness of emotion.

A world of imagination and feeling.

It is a limitless world of wonder and dreams.

It is the world inside of us.

This world is not as easy to access as the outside world.

For to truly go inside takes patience and presence.

It takes practice and awareness.

To outside world draws out attention so easily.

The inside world is subtle and elusive.

Yet when we take the time to stop and close our eyes, we can begin to turn inward.

When we turn our attention to our inner world we may be shocked to find how vast it is.

It is filled with visions and dreams.

With relationships and emotions.

It have the depth of our consciousness and the vastness of our experiences.

This beautiful, scary, fascinating and abundant world is one we carry with us wherever we go.

And it is accessed not through force or will.

It opens to us in stillness and peace.

To sit and be present to what is going on inside of us is not always easy.

It can take practice and time.

Yet the rewards of our effort can transcend our wildest imagination.

We are usually so outer-focused that we often forget that this elaborate and multifaceted inner world is even there.

It is there waiting for us to discover it.

Waiting for us to stop and just a moment to breath and connect.

So it can show us the great treasures that await us inside.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant