We all have stories in our life.

Stories that hold meaning.

The meaning we have made from them is often quite personal.

Yet there can be a message in there for other people.

It can be hard for us to see the value of sharing the story.

We may feel embarrassed or ashamed of the story.

It might feel like a long held secret that we are afraid to bring out into the light.

For it could be a story of our abuse, neglect, or trauma.

So it can be hard to make a meaning from those experiences that is actually uplifting for others.

Yet we survived those events in our lives and we are still here.

That alone can be uplifting.

And we may even find that we have built a bridge from our past to our future that can inspire people.

That is where our message can be found.

Not in the trials and tribulations we have experienced, but in the way we persevered through it all.

For we all can find a message in our stories that inspires other people from what we have experienced.

We just have to be brave enough and bold enough to share them.

And that is not easy.

For it means being truly vulnerable with others.

To bare not only our soul, but our hopes, fears, dreams, and regrets all at the same time.

And to do that is real courage.

Finding that courage not only helps us, it also helps all who will hear our stories.

So it might be selfless or selfish to do so.

It does not matter.

What matters is that the stories are told and our meanings are given light.

For those with the ears to hear will do so.

And if we touch even one heart with our words, it will be all worth it.

So is there a story that is asking be told from your life?

Can you be brave enough to share it with the world?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour