We are taught from a young age to learn to push ourselves.

That we should try harder, even if it is painful.

And rarely are the consequences mentioned.

Maybe it is not such a good idea to push?

Perhaps it may be necessary at times, but are we considering the ramifications?

When we push ourselves physically, we can build more muscle.

At the same time, when we push too much, we can damage our bodies.

The long term effect on our bones and our heart are often overlooked.

When we are building a business or a career, we are taught to put all our energy there.

That those long nights will pay off.

And the time away from our families will be worth it.

But is it really?

Is it worth giving up the time to see our children growing up?

Or the damage it does to the relationship with our partner?

And what about the temptations to cut corners and get it all done faster so we can get to the payoff?

When we push ourselves without a clear understanding of the long term we are doing ourselves a dis-service.

Yes, we may achieve something more.

Have we considered what we give up in the process?

Have we looked out the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual toll it will take on us?

We rarely question these little common ideas that are pervasive throughout our culture.

It has always been true so it must still be true!

Is it really?

It might have been good for others int he past, but is it really good for us now?

When we feel the need to push something, perhaps that is a sign to do some deeper questioning.

Why is it so important to push?

What happen if we don't push?

What will we miss out on if we continue to push?

In a crisis or emergency, it may make sense to push.

Does it make sense to live our entire life that way?

Where are you pushing where you have not considering the consequences?

Perhaps there is a better way than pushing...

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant