We sometimes think that an adventure is something big.

Our conceptions about what is means blow it up.

We put a lot of meaning behind the word adventure.

Yet an adventure can something quite simple.

It can be something small.

Not involving great trials and tribulations.

It does not have to be something life changing or dramatic.

Maybe it just starts with being open to something new.

Like going for a walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Or meandering through a park on a different path.

It could be as simple as showing up to a meeting where you do not know anyone.

Or going on a blind date.

Anytime we open ourselves up to the unknown we are on an adventure.

We are taking a step into a larger world.

Confronting the unfamiliar and the mysterious.

Giving space to the magic of life to unfold without our control and expectations.

For when we give space in our lives for something new and unexpected to show, we are truly on an adventure.

Not an adventure of slaying dragons and fighting enemies.

The truest of adventures where we allow life itself to bring something new adn different to us.

Who knows where the adventure will lead us.

Or what new relationships will be created.

Perhaps we will experience something so new and different that we can't even conceive of how we will be different afterward.

Life itself is an adventure.

Whether we want it to be or not.

For everyday there are so many possibilities that await us.

If we can be open and curious and allow it to unfold.

When we try to control and manage every little aspect of our lives we leave no room for magic.

Yet when we give space for the adventure to present itself to us, we will be richly rewarded.

So where is your own life can you give more room for adventure?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour