It is not uncommon to feel like we have no choice.

We can't do the one thing we want.

And it reveals how limited our thinking is.

Because it is rarely the truth.

We think that we've looked at a million choices.

Yet really we haven't.

It can seem like there is no good choice at all.

And that is often nothing more than a mis-perception.

When we are under stress we see only limited choices.

Yet there are usually many, many more choices than we realize.

It all depends on what we focus on.

Are we focusing on the fact that what we want is not an option?

Or are we looking to find more options, more ways, more paths?

Just because one or two ways are blocked does not mean that they all are.

Perhaps we just haven't been creative enough or open enough to see something new?

Maybe we just keep looking in the same direction when the real solution is to the right or left?

If we can expand our view of things we can find more possibilities.

Our mind easily closes off our internal vision from seeing new options.

So we have to make an extra effort to stay open, to see things with new eyes, even if we have been staring at it for hours.

It is not our eyes that trick us.

It is our minds.

When we believe that we have no choices, we don't.

If we are always in the inquiry of "what else can be done?" we magically find new roads ahead of us.

It is not Life that makes us stuck.

It is our own stubbornness and our own habits.

So perhaps we can cultivate a habit of being more open.

A practice where we are constantly asking, "what else?"

It may not open our eyes so quickly, yet with time and effort it can work wonders.

So where do you feel stuck that you have not looked at all the options?

What can you do to be more in the inquiry of what else is there?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant