Our healing path can often be frustrating.

Experiences and feelings from the past keep coming up.

We work on them and process them, yet they persist.

It can be confusing and depressing to keep doing our work.

For it can feel like no matter how much we do, we are still dealing with the same issues.

Those formative experiences we had as children keep coming back up.

The pain, the trauma, the guilt, the shame.

It all seems to never go away.

After we have been working on ourselves for months, even years, we expected to be further along.

When will we find relief?

How do we get past all of this?

We can feel defeated at times.

As if we will never find a way to feel better.

Yet that is never so.

There is always a way forward.

And it is helpful to remember that healing is a journey and not a destination.

That every day we continue to do our work we actually are getting better.

We just may not feel it at the time.

For the reason that we continue to deal with the same issues is often that we are holding on to the energy of that situation

We continue to feel angry, judged, shamed, belittled even though those situations are long gone.

It is our own resistance that keeps those energies alive within us.

As we keep telling ourselves the same stories over and over again we are only reinforcing those patterns, feelings, and behaviors.

To move past those feelings we must make a conscious effort to let go of those energies.

And change the stories we have been living into all these years.

When we stop seeing ourselves as a victim of our history, and learn to rewrite the tales we tell ourselves, we find a new freedom.

Embracing the power of being the creators we truly are is the only way to change how we feel.

It is the path forward to a new life.

In the beginning, we might not feel the new story we tell ourselves.

The new story might not feel true to us.

Keep telling it anyway.

The more we tell it, the more we embrace the new stories we tell, the more they will feel real.

And once we cross that threshold and start truly feeling that the new stories are real, then we will feel different.

Then we will live a different life.

All those years of working on ourselves starts to pay off.

Without even thinking about it, we are feeling better.

It does not happen overnight.

Yet it does happen.

Stay on the path and you will get there.

And it will all be worth it.

Are you holding on to the energy of your old stories?

Can you rewrite those stories and keep telling them to yourself?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour