Connection is something we all want.

To be connected to our friends, our family.

Or maybe just being connected to our community and our neighbors.

In these times many people are finding it harder to truly connect to others.

With the physical distance we maintain and the lack of travel, it has become harder to feel connected to someone who does not live with us.

We desire that physical contact.

A handshake tor a hug can mean a lot.

The virtual connections we are making may be global, yet they cannot replace being in the same room with someone.

Yet there is a great opportunity in the more isolated world we now live in.

It is a form of connection we often neglect.

For we rarely think about connecting with ourselves.

Those who have suffered some physically debilitating situation may know what it is like.

For when we can't even get out of bed and cannot connect with others, we often have no choice.

For are forced to learn how to connect with ourselves.

When there is no one else around, and we cannot go out, we find that when we learn to go inward there is great treasure there.

There is a wealth of feelings that may or may not have to do with anyone else.

Like old stories we have been telling ourselves that are no longer true.

Unexpressed emotions that need to come out.

There are ideas, dreams, and desires that want to be birthed.

A wealth of information that we normally ignore now comes forward.

Not being able to go out like we used to is a great opportunity for us to learn how to connect with what is inside.

To heal old wounds.

And reassess what is truly important to us.

To examine our goals and see if they are truly ours or are they someone else's?

For when we truly get to know ourselves on a deeper level, we get to know others.

As we truly connect to ourselves, we learn to connect with others on a much deeper level.

We can see things so much more clearly.

We can feel things more intensely.

And we understand what motivates other so much better because we are clearer on what motivate us.

Is being stuck at home an inconvenience?

Of course it is.

And it is also a great opportunity.

Taking time to be with ourselves through some of the toughest challenges of our lives is a great gift.

Let's not waste it.

Have you taken the time to just be with yourself? Have you learned to go inward instead of outward?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant