There are so many aspects of life we take seriously.

Pain, death and suffering are very somber experiences.

Usually we feel there is no way to make things feel better.

Yet we actually do have a choice.

How we approach these situations can make all the difference in the world.

Sometimes, when we are engaged with healing work, our traumas and our pain comet to the surface.

So we think our healing process has to be something difficult and sober.

We think there is no other way to approach it.

Yet if we bring a sense of humor, fun and play to it, we can make the healing process so much easier for ourselves.

Yes, it can be challenging to see a painful experience through the lens of levity.

And when we are able to joke about it, laugh at it, tease ourselves about it, we take the power away from it being able to hurt us again.

We cannot change what happened in the past.

And we can say it is true what we felt at the time.

To continue to feel that pain in a painful way is a choice.

We can make a different choice.

And we can choose to see it as something comical or slapstick.

To laugh at our own pain is sometimes the best medicine.

Like seeing a comedian slip on a banana peel.

It helps the pain and trauma to lighten it's grip on our present.

And allows us to experience healing and having fun at the same time.

There is no rule or universal law that says we have to continue to suffer and be serious about our pain.

We can make up stories about what happened to inject humor into the situation.

Or change our existing stories to make them funnier.

For ultimately it is not about what we experienced in the past.

It is about what we want to experience right here and right now.

Do we want to keep crying or do we want to start laughing?

This is a question we can always ask ourselves when we find we are wallowing in our misery.

To remind us that we have a fundamental choice.

We can continue to allow the pain from our past to have a hold over us.

Or we decide that we have suffered enough and it is time to start enjoying life more.

For if we can learn to laugh at our pain and suffering, then we can truly live a joyful and exuberant life.

Maybe not all at once.

Yet if we can do it even a little, we have made a great breakthrough.

So where can you learn to laugh at the pain in your past?

Is there even one small pain or trauma that you can practice honestly laughing at it?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour