There is always opportunity around us.

It may not seem like it at times.

Or it may seem like there are too many opportunities.

Yet neither is really the case.

When we are not seeing much opportunity, it can be because we don't have the eyes to see it.

We are so focused on our own scarcity that we can't imagine a different way of doing something.

Such as when we get laid off and we feel there are no jobs for people with our skills.

Perhaps there are other kinds of jobs we can do.

Maybe we can find a way to start a business instead of looking for another job.

Even when times are bad and the economy is depressed, there are still people who make money.

We just have to look at our situation with different eyes to see where the opportunity might lie.

If we are experiencing the opposite challenge where too much opportunity is coming our way, then we are also not seeing things clearly.

For opportunity is only real opportunity if it truly aligns and resonates with us and what we are doing.

Otherwise it is a distraction.

For in order for us to truly thrive, we must have one over-arching intention for our life.

That one intention many have many different arms, yet they will all be related in some way.

Not in a way that you have to contort your thinking to make them all align.

In a way that just comes naturally, organically, that anyone outside of you can see.

For when our eyes are clear and we are aligned with our intention, it is obvious to everyone.

For opportunity is not really about making money.

Opportunity is about expressing ourselves through our work.

It is about bring our focus and our presence to a situation, and finding a way to be of service.

So if we do not see enough opportunity, perhaps we are not being truly present to the opportunities in front of us to be in service?

If we see too much opportunity in front of us, perhaps we are not being truly present to our intention of how we wish to bein service?

Either way, opportunity abounds.

So how do you feel about opportunity?

Do you have too much, too little, or just the right amount?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour