There is sometimes a struggle within us.

We think we know what we want in life.

It can seem clear what our passion is.

When that is not how we make our money, the water can be muddy.

To see clearly is usually not easy.

For there are so many considerations and choices.

We might like what we do to earn a living, but would we stop it if we suddenly won the lottery?

Sometimes our passion is not what we make a living at.

And for some reason we don't even consider turning our passion into our livelihood.

It might be a blind spot.

Or it could be because we can't see how to turn it into something that support us.

Yet sometimes there is something a little more hidden at work.

The real reason we aren't pursuing our passion is because of fear.

Fear of the failure that could happen if we try.

Or more likely fear of the success we could experience if we give it our all.

Both prospects are uncomfortable for us.

No matter how much we might think we want it.

For they are both the result of a change.

A change in who we currently are to who we will become by simply trying.

It is easy to just write off making our passion our career as just a dream.

That we are too old, too poor, too alone to make it happen.

For if we try to make it happen and we succeed then we have to give up all of our excuses.

We can no longer play small, or put things off until tomorrow.

Going for our dream and our passion is not something that comes from the head, but from the heart.

When we can no longer live in a way that we are just surviving and not thriving, we have to try.

For ultimately it is not about the money.

It is not about what others will think of us.

What we must come to terms with is not fully living in our joy.

Who are we to have a happy life?

And who are we to live in ease and flow while so many others struggle every day?

The real question is who are we not to?

If we do not pick up the mantle of person who follows their passion, who else will do it for us?

No one, we can only do it for ourselves.

And for each one of us who makes that frightful decision we live as an example for others to follow.

Making our dream our life's path is not only for us, it is for everyone else.

For they are all waiting for us to show them it is safe for them to pursue their passion as well.

It may be a scary prospect to pursue our dream.

A more scary prospect is living a life where we don't.

So what passion have you put on the side for another day?

How can you start to move in the direction of making your passion your vocation?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour