Sometimes when we pop out of our flow we wonder what happened.

We were moving along so well.

The goals we set we surpassed.

And suddenly things are not working so well.

We're not quite sure what changed.

We were so certain that we could take things to the next level.

Things were moving along so well, we thought certainly the trend would continue.

And then it happened.

We didn't even notice it.

We were doing so well not being attached to what was going on that we didn't notice how we started to grasp.

All of a sudden the goals became so important to us.

In a split second we changed from being in flow to pushing.

Pushing forward.

Pushing through.

Of course we were supposed to being doing this, after all, why else would things have gone so well before?

Until it hits us.

We were the one that took us out of flow.

It was our energy that changed.

Our own ego started to get a little too much control over the situation.

It was subtle at first.

That's why we didn't even notice it.

We were content with our unexpected progress, until we weren't.

That's when we started to grab a hold of things more tightly.

That is why things started to get difficult.

It wasn't the universe trying to teach us a lesson.

No one else was to blame.

It was all on us.

We did it to ourselves.

And then we noticed.

So now we have a new awareness, and we know what we must now do.

Get back to basics.

Set our intentions and then let it go.

Accept what is without any expectation.

Easier said than done sometimes, yet we know that's exactly what we must do.

Stop grasping at our own flow.

Just allow it to come in, and allow it to go out.

And then we get back to center.

To that place where we are at peace.

And now we know that is where we were always meant to be.

So where in your own life are you grasping at something?

How can you learn to let go and just allow?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant