There are things in life that we feel will never happen.

We feel like they are impossible because we can't see a way.

Trying to figure out a way to make it happen seems pointless.

We give up hope and doubt we will ever see it happen.

And so we are right.

Without hope and without trust, we make it impossible.

Because we can't see a way for it to happen, we don't even try.

To hold a space for the possibility is beyond us.

So without that space there is no room for life to make it happen.

For we did not allow for the possibility, however remote, that it actually could happen.

Our doubt can protect us from harm.

And it often keeps us from our dreams.

Yet when we learn to hold open the possibility that the incredibly unlikely event can happen, we give it space.

More importantly, we allow ourselves to take a chance and actually try to make it happen.

And that little bit of room is more than enough for life to wiggle into existence that dream of ours.

We can make the apparently impossible, possible.

But only if we hold open in our hearts the chance that it will actually happen.

Of course, it might not.

And that is something we need to be able to live with.

For holding open the possibility without attachment to the result is hard indeed.

Things may show up in a different way than we expect.

They may look differently, or the timing may be completely different than our desire.

Holding open the possibility with a light grip is so important.

For miracles do happen.

Every day somewhere out there something impossible just manifested.

That can happen for us as well.

It might not.

But it definitely won't if we don't believe it could.

For when we are so certain that it won't happen, we won't even try to make it happen.

We don't hold space for it.

And close ourselves off from the possibility.

So we must learn that no matter how unlikely something is to happen, it can still happen.

If we want it badly enough, we will hold onto that possibility no matter how remote.

And in that space of believing something is possible, we can actually bring it into being.

Is there something in your own life that feels impossible that you can be open to the possibility that it will happen?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour