There is a dangerous idea that has been around a long time.

It is one that causes so much pain and agony.

And it is a complete lie.

Yet so many of us believe it.

Because we have been brought up to believe it.

It is the idea that we are separate and unconnected to each other.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If anything, this pandemic shows how interconnected we are.

How inter-related we are.

And how dependent we are on each other.

The idea that we are all connected to each other is a spiritual concept.

Yet there are very real and physical properties to it.

We think that because we come from different families and different backgrounds, that we are not connected.

There is only one family, the human family.

We think that because we look different and are treated differently, that we are not connected.

Yet the entire planet is extremely connected together.

And when we stop acting like we are all so separate and unconnected, then we will see things truly change.

Not only are we intimately connected to each other, we are connected to all that is around us.

To the plants and the flowers and the trees.

To the animals, the fish, the reptiles and the insects.

And yes, even to the bacteria and the viruses that exists yet are unseen.

We are connected to it all.

For if one piece of the puzzle where to disappear, we all would.

We could not exist in a world that was missing event he small piece of the puzzle.

We are all Brothers and Sisters, Mother and Fathers.

When we truly recognize and live this fact we will start to live more humanely.

More compassionately.

And perhaps event more peacefully.

Just because we look different, does not mean we don't breathe the same air.

Or drink the same water.

And eat the same food.

We are not so different.

We all want to feel loved and appreciated.

To be treated with respect.

And allowed to live in peace.

There is much more that is the same between us than is different.

It is all about what we choose to focus on.

Do you see through eyes of separation or eyes of unity?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant