There is one antidote for fear.

Regardless of the kind of fear.

Whether personal or existential, we all have one thing to combat fear.

And that is courage.

It may seem obvious, even trite.

Yet as the opposite and complementary aspect of fear, courage is also always here.

Even when we don't feel like we have courage, it is there.

So how do we find our courage?

Courage can always be found in our heart.

For our heart holds our deepest intelligence and our deepest wisdom.

Our heart is the repository of the best of ourselves.

Yet to access it is not always easy.

It can be elusive and ambiguous.

We can grasp for it and find nothing there to hold on to.

Because perhaps we are not truly in our heart.

Maybe we are working too hard on our own and we forget that there are other people to help us.

For one of the truest ways to find ourselves solidly in our hearts is through intimacy with another person.

It does not have to romantic intimacy.

Only an intimacy of connection and presence.

To truly be seen by another person.

To feel the support of another without them trying to fix anything.

For when we are witnessed by someone who holds a space of compassion for us, we feel safe.

And in that moment of safety we able to access the real depths of our heart.

Accessing that level of who we truly are deep inside, leads us to be more courageous.

To have the courage to face our fears.

And have the courage to face ourselves in the mirror even when we do not like what we see.

Courage comes from our ability to see our life through our heart.

To have more compassion for ourselves and then others.

We know this to be true.

Yet that doesn't make it any easier.

For to travel the path to our heart takes courage.

Which is what we were looking for the whole time.

So regardless of the type of fear, perhaps we already have the courage we are looking for.

So where are you already being courageous that you are not recognizing?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant