We are powerful creators with imagination.

The world has been forever changed by what we have created.

Yet the real power is not in what we have created with our hands.

The true miracle is how we create with our thoughts.

Long before a building is built it is an idea.

Years before a technological breakthrough occurs it starts as a whim.

Our single greater creative power is our imagination.

It builds whole cities out of nothing.

It constructs magical devices.

And it creates the new materials to build them from.

Every book ever written, ever movie ever filmed.

Every concert ever played, ever game ever won.

All of it was once just a daydream.

A fantasy, a whim.

Sometimes the inspiration comes in the middle of the night.

Sometimes in the shower.

Regardless of how we are inspired, the inspiration is the key.

Our thoughts create magic.

Our imagination creates miracles.

With our focus we create a brand new world.

Even in the small everyday things.

Where we put our attention creates something more.

Where we focus our energy creates more from what is there.

Before we type a single word, before we hammer the first nail.

Before all of our action comes the image of what is to come.

It doesn't always come out the way we expect.

The result may not look like what we pictured.

Yet the path to that creation would never have gotten started without our ideas.

We create everything virtually, in our mind, before we create it in real life.

There is so much power in that.

When we truly understand and start living from that place, we own our real power.

Our power to create something different from what is here now.

The power to change our life from what we are living now.

It is one of our greatest powers.

The power of creation through our vision.

Do you have a new vision to create?

Do you have something different you want to see become a reality?

Imagine it first, then build it.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant