We have all experienced trauma.

Whether we realize it or not.

That trauma usually involves other people.

So we put up walls to feel safe.

We close ourselves off to connection.

To guard our wounded heart.

And keep away from might be dangerous situations.

For the pain of the trauma we have experienced drives our behavior.

From deep in our nervous system.

And unwinding that trauma and those patterns requires deep work.

We often think that doing deep work means we have to dive into our past by ourselves or with a therapist.

Yet if that is all we do, we are missing a great opportunity.

For when we do our work together, in community, we can access something greater.

Sometime far deeper than healing in isolation.

Since our trauma usually comes from other people, when we include other people in our healing, we can greatly accelerate our process.

For every time we are in a safe container with others, we an share our wounds.

We can feel not so alone with our pain.

And seeing others being vulnerable help us to be vulnerable with them.

That shared vulnerable space is the most intimate space to cultivate.

In that shared intimacy we find wholeness.

A wholeness that only comes from a sense of community.

From feeling safe with others.

And having the courage to speak our truth.

If we speak our truth and there is no one to hear it, how can we feel validated?

To share our truth with others who do the same creates a bond that transcends family or friends.

It brings us to a deeper level of connection that we never knew was possible.

Feeding our hearts and souls as it disrupts the patterns caused by our trauma.

We are all so very different, yet in this way, we are the same.

To feel the acceptance, the love, and the connection with others who are also on their healing journey, is beyond words.

It must be experienced to understand how profound it can be.

Yes, to be vulnerable with people can be scary.

Yet it is the path to a joy that fills us up in the depths of our soul.

Is the reward for that kind of vulnerability not worth it?

Can you find a community that can support you on your healing path?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour