When we speak of trust we often only think in terms of trust between people.

Trust between a husband and wife.

Or maybe trust between business partners.

But there's another kind of trust that is far more important.

A kind of trust that is far more fundamental to our lives.

The sort of trust that makes everything easier.

It is not the sort of trust we normally think of.

In fact, we often don't even think it exists at all.

It is the trust in life itself.

The sort of trust that life is taking care of us, even when we can't tell.

Trust that even though we might be in a difficult spot at the moment, things will work out for us in the end.

It's a trust that there is a reason why we are here, and that life will reveal it to us when we are ready.

Trust in life, of course, does not mean that everything always goes our way.

Some pretty big challenges may come into our life.

We may be pushed to our limit at times.

There might be times when everything feels so out of control.

When it feels like life is against us.

And that is when we need trust in life the most.

For life would not have brought us into bring if that was all there is for us.

Our lives are too precious for that to be the case.

And trusting that life has something more in store for us is the surest way to get there.

For now that we are born, now that we are alive, now that we still have our breath, we have an opportunity for things to change.

Life doesn't want us to suffer.

That doesn't mean that we never suffer, just that there is more to life than our suffering.

And as long as we keep trusting in life, we will find the end to the suffering.

That's when our trust in life pays off, and we suddenly go from suffering to thriving.

Our trust in life is not something for others.

It is something to help ourselves live our life.

And the more we trust in life, the more that trust is rewarded.

So where in your own life can trust in life a little more?

How can trusting more in life change your life?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour