We often think we need a vacation to rest.

That to get away from from the familiar is what we want.

So we take a trip and run around seeing all we can see.

Sometimes, we come back more tired than when we left.

With the limited time we give ourselves to not work, we push ourselves to get the most out of it.

Getting up early each day to see another attraction, another location, another site.

While going away and seeing the beauty of the world is a wonderful thing to do, it should not be mistaken for rest.

Travel is a great past time to expand our horizons and make wonderful memories.

Yet travel is work, not rest.

It is another activity we do that fills up our days.

Of course, it is usually enjoyable.

Yet rest is something else.

When we have been working for a long time and our brains and our bodies need a break, sometimes what we really need is rest.

For rest is not about doing something.

It is not about going somewhere else.

And it is not about stressing ourselves to have a good time.

Rest is taking a break.

Taking a break from from our day to day life.

Or letting go of the need to accomplish or do anything.

When we truly rest we give ourselves a chance to connect to ourselves.

To just be.

Without putting any expectations on ourselves.

Rest is about truly letting go of all that we think we have to do.

And just exist without the need to get anything done.

This does not mean that there is not great value in taking a trip or going to someplace new.

But let us not mistake that for truly getting rest.

For allowing ourselves to just be.

And giving space to all that we feel.

Doing nothing but allowing ourselves to breathe and take time to do nothing.

Restoration and rejuvenation only occur when we truly rest.

So why do we resist it so much?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour