There is a lot of chaos in the world right now.

Wars, division, climate crisis, along with many other daily crisis.

It can be overwhelming at times.

Not knowing how to deal with it all.

That is normal and human.

We have access to information about all that is happening in the world at an unprecedented pace.

We know more than we ever did before about what is going on.

Yet knowledge is not the answer.

Of course it is important to be informed.

Yet we do not need to be immersed in the news cycle all the time.

Indeed, it is disempowering to do so.

So how do we deal with it all?

How do we find peace in the middle of all this madness?

The answer lies within us, not outside of us.

To find that place of stillness that is unshakable.

We do not find it in others, or in the world around us.

For the world is constantly changing.

There are always battles being fought and issues to address.

Yet when we look inside, that is where we can find true peace.

We may not find it right away.

It takes time and practice to reach that still center that is within all of us.

Yet it is there.

To find it we must practice going inside.

To just sit with ourselves and breathe.

Allowing the mind chatter to have space until it subsides.

And once it does, once all those voices have had a chance to say their piece, they soon become quiet.

In that quietness that lies in our center, in our core, we find real peace.

Not an external, temporary peace.

A lasting peace that comes from deep within us.

We may not find it right away, and that is normal.

Yet the more we sit with ourselves and wait for it, it will surely come.

And is it not worth the wait?

Are you in search of more peace in your life?

Can you make room in your life to seek it within you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour