Freedom is something we like to strive for.

To be free from work.

Free from obligations.

And freedom to pursue our dreams.

Yet in order to have the external freedom we desire, there is internal work to be done.

For when we feel there is a lack of freedom, it is usually come from our mental restrictions.

We feel we cannot leave a job because we have a family to support.

We cannot move to another town because it will cost too much.

And especially when it comes to relationships, we feel we cannot leave because it will hurt the other person.

Yet none of these reasons are true external bonds.

They merely show a lack of imagination or flexibility.

Perhaps we can leave that job we dislike and start a business instead.

Maybe we can move if we can find a way to make our work virtual.

And once we open a dialog with our partner about how we feel, we might find they feel the same way, or better yet, we actually work through what created the desire to leave int he first place.

We are more bond by our limited thinking than by actual chains.

Not that there is not slavery in the world, there is.

However for most of us, the real bodage is in how we percieve the situation.

We feel stuck because we feel there is no way out.

There seems to be only two choices and neither of them are good.

Our view of our situation makes us feel that we can't move from where we are in our life.

Yet there are more possibilities than we recognize.

More often than not, there are choices that we haven't even considered.

Especially when other people are involved.

Do we include them in the conversation?

Have we asked them what could be possible?

When we open up internally to possibilities, even ones we can't see, more options appear to us.

The freedom we so desire may already be present in our lives.

We just have not found a way to see it yet.

True freedom comes when we believe that there is a path to it.

That the only obstacle from where we are to where we want to be is our limited imagination.

So how do we find the freedom we are looking for?

Explore more. Fantasize more. Discuss it more.

When we let others know what we desire and what we are looking for, they might open new perspectives to us.

Of course, we want to open up to those who are supportive of us, not those who are critical.

Yet opening up about our desire for more freedom, in whatever aspect of life we seek more of it, can lead us to new solutions.

To new collaborations.

And suddenly we may find there are others who are seeking the exact same kind of freedom that we are.

When we open up to others with confidence that there is a way, they become inspired as well.

Soon, we may have more ideas than we need to find the freedom we so dearly seek.

For true freedom lies within us.

We just need to believe that it is there an it will eventually show itself to us.

So where in your life are you seeking more freedom?

Have you expressed that desire to anyone around you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour