Community is not monolithic.

We do not all have to be same to come together.

What creates a community is something more than sameness.

Something more than appearance.

More than a common belief.

Community is formed by shared experience.

Or shared energy.

True community is about sharing our vulnerable hearts with each other.

It is about the connection we feel when we are in each other's presence.

The support and camaraderie that comes from sharing our pain and trauma with others is palatable.

We feel seen, heard, and acknowledged when we dive deep into our healing in a safe container.

Perhaps we started as strangers when we started to our work with others.

Yet by the time we have gone through some process or experience with those strangers, they become something more.

Not just strangers who have witnessed us in our agony.

They are now closer to us than our closest friends.

Sometimes, even closer to us than our own family.

Because the bond that forms when we support each other through our healing process is beyond our normal relationships.

That shared experience connects us in ways beyond our understanding.

Beyond the physical.

To that ineffable place where magic occurs.

The magic that connects all of life together into a web of moving, growing, interrelated energies.

It cannot be described in words alone.

The experience of the depth of connection is something that can only be experienced to be understood.

That is why true community is beyond reason or logic.

For community has a life of it's own.

As each of it's members grow and change, so does the whole community.

And we learn not only to cry together, but to laugh and sing together as well.

Each one of these experiences builds on the prior one.

So tighter and tighter the community becomes.

Then our community becomes something truly beautiful to behold.

Something that feeds our souls and nourishes our hearts.

When that truly happens for us, we become more than we were before.

More than individuals who are part of a community.

We become members of a movement that can heal the world.

Do you have a true community of like-hearted and like-spirited people?

Can you find those whom you truly feel safe with to do your own deep inner work?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour