Transformation can be messy.

It may be fun at times.

Or it can be difficult.

Yet the real magic lies in something else.

The real magic actually comes afterward.

Not in the moment we are experiencing something new.

Or when we are in a peak state.

When we are going through the transformation, we might think that this is it.

That we are making it through the hardest part.

In that moment, it can feel amazing or excruciating.

And the real work starts when we come back.

When we are in our normal, day-to-day existence.

That is when we have to take action.

To take action on the new vision, the new insight, the new way of being that we experienced.

Transformation without integration does us no good.

It is only when we take the lessons we have learned, or the new experiences we have felt, and put them into practice in our normal lives that we have truly transformed.

When we integrate these peak experiences, we change our lives.

Transformation needs to be grounded in action.

It must inform how we show up in the world.

In order for the transformation to mean anything, it has to impact us enough for us to be different people.

To make different choices.

Or move forward where once we were stuck.

The key is in the integration of a new way of being.

It does not matter if the change is around relationships, career, business, finances, or health.

Every aspect of our lives only transforms when we put into motion the shifts we are committed to.

To not do so is to waste the most precious gift we have.

The gift of choice.

To choose to actually be different, not just for a minute or an hour, but for a lifetime.

The transformation make take place in a deep, inner part of our soul.

Yet the evidence of the transformation is only apparent when our actions shift.

Maybe not right away.

Perhaps not all at once.

Yet day by day, week by week, month by month, the changes become obvious.

Whether it comes from a workshop, a book, or perhaps even some kind of crisis, it does not matter.

The only evidence of the transformation will be how we now act.

How we respond to the situations in our life.

And what we do with the new insights we have received.

When we mobilize the sides of ourselves that are ready to shift, the world will notice.

So where in your life do you have lessons that you need to integrate into your life?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour