We all want to grow.

We want to grow in our business, career, and relationships.

Yet growth is not linear.

It does not happen all the time.

Nor in the way we want.

True growth happen organically and sporadically.

Yet there are things we can do to cultivate growth.

Because growth requires space, we have to create the space in our lives to allow growth to happen.

We must give space and time to allow our business to grow.

The same holds true for our career and our finances.

For our relationships to grow requires time and attention, as does our spiritual growth and our health.

And for all these aspects to grow together requires expansiveness.

Expansiveness of heart, mind, body and spirit.

In order to promote expansiveness in our lives it is helpful to put ourselves in an expansive environment.

Like near the ocean, or the mountains.

To be in nature is the most supportive place to be to experience expansiveness.

For when we look up at the horizon, and it stretches farther than we can see, is that not expansive?

When we build a thriving business or relationship does that not require an expansive mindset and heart?

Only by putting ourselves in an expansive environment can we cultivate the growth we so desire.

How do we feel when we see a beautiful sunset on the water?

Or majestic mountains covered with trees?

Perhaps the beauty of the desert with its barren landscape?

When we can place ourselves in the raw openness of nature and breath in the abundance we see before us, we feel expansive beyond measure.

We feel wealthy beyond our imagination.

And we feel that there are riches all around us.

Even if we cannot go deep into nature, we can at least go to a park or a river and experience some small part of that expansiveness.

If we truly want to grow in our life, we cannot afford not to be present to the expansiveness around us.

Have you given yourself an opportunity to cultivate expansiveness?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour