There is a voice inside of us that speaks the truth.

It can be a tiny voice that is hard to hear.

Sometimes, we mistake other voice for it.

So we get confused why things didn't go well.

For we think that the voice in our head is this special voice.

That voice often leads us astray.

It takes us places we thought we wanted to go.

In reality, it takes places that other people wanted us to go.

The voice in our head is easily influenced.

It is influenced by so many things.

By our upbringing, our parents, our peers, media and society at large.

So the voice in our head is not our true voice.

Our true voice is the voice in our heart.

For our heart always speaks our truth.

Yet it is so buried and so drowned out by all the other voices, it is very hard to hear.

To hear it clearly takes stillness, gentleness, and feeling safe.

So much of life today takes us away from these qualities.

It takes practice, patience, and time alone to truly hear it.

Sometimes we think the voice in our head is the voice in our heart, so we get confused.

We get disappointed when follow that voice only to end up in place that doesn't serve us.

And we think our heart has lied to us.

But our heart never lies to us.

To hear our heart we must first listen to our body.

Our body tells us to much.

It hold all of our history and our experience.

And it contains our heart.

When we are used to feeling the sensations in our body, then we can tune in and feel what our heart is truly saying.

What it is saying from that still place.

From the center of being.

It speaks our truth.

Not shouting it out loudly for everyone to hear.

Softly, for us to feel.

The simplest way to tune in to our heart is to just feel for a "yes" or a "no" to a question.

Does it feel right?

Does it feel expansive?

Or does it feel heavy and contractive?

It is a simple test.

Yet there is a world of information in that little exercise.

Listening to our heart is not hard once we get used to it.

But hearing it for the first time can be challenging.

For after ignoring it for so long the first sounds it may make are one of pain.

And that pain is what has kept us from listening to it all along.

Yet if we are to hear it clearly, we must to listen to all it has to say.

Hearing the pain is an important first step.

For behind the pain is so much more.

And once we get through it, there is a world of joy waiting for us.

Learning to hear our true heart's voice is a practice.

One that can take a lot of effort and time.

The rewards of making that effort are numerous.

So let's be brave together and make that effort to hear our own heart's voice.

And perhaps then, we can hear each other's.

Can you hear your own heart's voice?

Have you taken the time to stop and listen to it?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour