There are many ways to deal with challenges.

We often try to think our way out of them.

Or we try to ignore them.

Sometimes we just keep doing something until it changes.

Yet none of these is really an efficient method that actually deals with the challenge.

So what else can we do?

The first step to ask a better question.

Such as, how can I show up differently that makes this challenge easier to deal with?

And in the process, we can also ask, how is this serving me?

The next step is to actually change how we are showing up.

If we can accept that in some fashion we have created what is before us, then we can create something else.

And to create something else requires us to grow larger than our challenge.

To expand our awareness and our consciousness to the point that our challenge seems insignificant.

This requires taking a whole perspective on who and what we are, and on life itself.

For we are more powerful than we realize.

We have more than just a mind, we have a body, a heart and a soul.

And we have community.

There are people around us who would probably love to help us with our challenge if we would only ask.

To grow larger than our challenge means we have to see ourselves as so much more than just a person who id dealing with it on their own.

We are supporting by so much.

By those who love us.

And we are supported by the unseen and unknown.

By life itself, in so many ways.

In fact, if we can open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities that exist, there is sure to be a way.

How many possibilities do we normally see?

Two? Three? Maybe five at most?

What if in fact by growing ourselves larger than our challenges, we could see a dozen possibilities?

And what would happen if we could somehow tap into that innate knowing we all have that we are infinite, powerful beings?

What magic could we create that would make our challenge seem tiny?

If we have financial challenges, perhaps we could find more ways to create the resources wee need.

Or perhaps it is a health challenge, perhaps we could find more alternatives to what the doctor has given us.

And even a relationship challenge could be solved by reaching out to the right person who could step us through it.

Our main limitation is our imagination and our belief that we don't have access to everything we need.

Once we grow our view of ourselves as having access to everything we need, we can find the exact resources we need to move past whatever challenge we are facing.

We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

Do you have a challenge you don't know how to face?

Perhaps you just need to grow yourself larger in some aspect to find your way out of it.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant