We all feel it sometimes.

That sense of being disconnected.

Disconnected with our friends or our family.

It can make us feel alone or lonely.

We feel out of place and as if we don’t fit in.

It is normal to feel that way sometimes.

We all do.

Yet when we are having a hard time to connect with other people it is time to check in with ourselves.

For the disconnection we feel often starts within.

Perhaps we are disconnected with our heart.

It could be because of a harsh word from someone we trust.

Or perhaps a painful experience caused us to shut down inside.

There can be many different reasons.

Regardless of the cause, the result is the same.

We become disconnected with ourselves in some fashion.

And when we are disconnected with ourselves, we have a hard time to connect with someone else.

It does not matter if they are the ones who hurt us or not.

It does not matter the reason we are disconnected with ourselves.

All that really matters is that when we shut ourselves off from our feelings and our emotions, we cannot feel another person.

We cannot connect with their energy or their words.

We can feel numb or hollow.

Yet the opposite is also true.

When we take a chance and reconnect with ourselves, then we can feel again.

We can feel our pain and our sorrow.

And we can also feel our joy and our happiness.

As we feel ourselves more, we can start to feel others as well.

It may not be easy to open up to our feelings.

Sometimes, it is the scariest thing we can do.

Or the hardest.

Yet the rewards for doing so are vast.

For when we feel connected to ourselves, we can connect to everything around us.

And that connection can bring us great joy and satisfaction.

Is that not worth the effort?

So where are you disconnected in your own life?

Can you face the pain inside that is keeping you from connecting with yourself and others?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant