It is often easy to put our focus on how much money we make.

Society rewards those who make a lot of it, so we all strive for more of it.

When things are not working well, we look to fix it.

Yet the key to changing our financial situation is not in our strategies or the number of hours we work.

We can continue, or start, to work hard, with little results.

We can change up our strategies and systems over and over again to only get the same results.

Why is that?

Because fundamentally, there is more to it than just what we see before us.

There is something more subtle at work.

And that is our energy.

Not just our energy around our business or career.

It is about our energy around our life.

How are we feeling about life itself?

Are we happy, joyful, excited?

Or are we upset, sad, depressed, or angry?

Not on the surface.

Not how most people see us.

But underneath it all, deep inside.

When we are happy and joyful about life it shows.

It shows in the big things we do, and all the little things we do as well.

People can feel the difference in us, even if they don't say a word about it.

More importantly, our own body responds to our energy, even our brains.

When we are more enthusiastic, our brains work better.

We are more creative, sharper, and more present.

When we are down and sullen, we are not as sharp as well.

Not only do our bodies respond to our energy, but so does the Universe.

How we show up in the world determines how the World, Life, and the Universe respond to us.

So when we are faced with challenges and things not quite going the way we would like, perhaps we might be better served to look at our energy rather than our strategy.

So what is your energy like? How are you showing up in the world?

Want to change your situation? Change your energy first.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant