A tragedy is a tragedy.

Even when it happens to someone else.

We think we are safe when we are far from conflict.

Yet a tragedy to one of us is a tragedy for all of us.

The illusion is that we are separate.

That we are not affect by another's suffering.

But that is a lie.

We are all affecting by all of the suffering around the globe.

One person's pain is everyone's pain.

We may not feel it in the moment.

Someone else's pain may seem far away from us.

Yet eventually, that pain will come around to us.

In one form or another.

We will experience pain.

Perhaps not the way someone else is, but pain nonetheless.

This is not a reason to hide from pain.

For pain is a great teacher.

It shows us where there is something that needs to be changed.

The greater the tragedy the greater the lesson.

And the more freedom we will feel when we are on the other side of the tragedy.

What challenges us the most about tragedy and pain is the judgment that it is bad.

Because it is uncomfortable we tend to make it wrong for even existing.

Yet our lives would not be the same where it not for the pain.

It would not be there to drive us to change and improve.

To call us to be better people.

And to heal our wounds and feel empathy for those in pain as well.

For when we are in the greatest pain our hearts open to others in pain.

We can empathize with them for we know what it feels like.

To lose a loved one, or a home.

And have our life disrupted in such a drastic manner.

It is only by experiencing such pain and tragedy ourselves that we can truly understand someone else's suffering.

When enough hearts open to pain and suffering, there will be a great awakening.

A great movement in the direction of peace.

There may never be peace throughout the entire world, but there can be more peace for more people.

So when we lay down to sleep at night we will know we have done the best we could.

To alleviate suffering.

Both ours, and the suffering of others as well.

Is that not worth the price of experiencing our own pain?

So what pain and tragedy have you experienced?

Have you allowed it to open your heart, or to close it?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour