When we look to thrive we can sometimes miss the mark.

We think that just because we can handle things better, we are thriving.

Or that when we can handle more we are thriving.

Yet that's not really what thriving is all about.

It seems that we often confuse surviving better with thriving.

They are not the same.

We can think that we are thriving, yet we are actually only surviving better.

We maybe better at handling stressful situations.

Or perhaps we are just feeling more comfortable with the situation we are in.

We might even feel better at predicting what is coming next in our lives.

Feeling more in control of our day to day life.

Yet none of that really means we are thriving.

For we are truly thriving when we are living in the overflow of our abundance.

When we are open to life's mysteries with joyfulness and wonder.

For thriving is about living in the flow of life, allowing life to support us.

To lift us up.

In ways we never even expected.

Something even better than our intentions.

Something even better than our dreams.

For when we seek to control, it is our ego grasping not our spirit soaring.

When we seek for things to be predictable and comfortable, that is our fear wanting to keep us safe.

To truly thrive we must drop our attachments to those ideas.

To be open to life's magic that awaits us.

And to not hold onto our expectations so tightly.

Growth is not comfortable, predictable, or controllable.

It bursts forth in ways we never imagined.

For ultimately, life has a much better imagination for our life than we do.

Life will bring us to unexplored places and to the unknown depths within ourselves.

Were we learn real trust and true flow.

When we are willing to take that leap.

And discover that while there is no net beneath us, we actually do know how to fly.

So where in your life can you release the need to control, to predict, or to be comfortable?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant