We now live in a world that is a hybrid.

A hybrid of both the virtual world and the real world.

Coming together from all over on computer screens.

Yet there is still life happening right in front of us.

In the reality of this physical world.

We still need to touch other people.

To see them, to hold them, to smell them.

We are still living in physical bodies that have physical senses.

And as much as going virtual has opened us to meeting people from around the globe, it does not replace connecting with people in our own town.

It cannot.

For the experience of being with someone who is right in front of us, looking into their real eyes, hearing their real voice, is not something that can replaced.

There is a joy that comes from the connection to the people who are in the same room as we are.

To being present to what their whole body says.

And to feeling the tactile sense of a handshake, a hug, or a kiss.

For some people, so much of life is now spent online.

In that flat, distant connection that happens through our computers and phones.

And it does serve a purpose.

It does help to be able to connect with loved ones who are far away.

And we still need to have the real life experience of being with people.

In being so close to them that you can touch them.

Feeling the air move between you.

Watching how they sit in their chair, or stand up straight.

There is so much richness in the moment when we are with someone in person.

The light that comes from their eyes, or the comfort of their voice.

It all makes a difference to us.

Yet it is easy to lose that richness when we get so used to connecting through the virtual world.

Coming together in person builds more trust and deeper relationships than we can possibly create at a distance.

So perhaps we can learn to value that in person experience a bit more.

Maybe we can remember what it is like to hold other human being, and be held.

The joy of that physical connection.

And the comfort of their presence in our lives.

Nothing can replace being in the presence of those we love.

So let us remind ourselves just how precious those experiences are.

Making just a little more room in our life for actually being in the same room with people.

There is no replacement for the physical connection.

No matter how good our screens get.

So where in your life can you make some more for seeing people in person?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour