It is important to express how we feel.

To let others know where we stand.

And share how things are affecting us.

Sometimes we do not share enough.

Other times we share too much.

There are also moments when our sharing turns into something else.

For when we express ourselves we can come from a different place internally.

Then there is a sudden shift from sharing how we feel into complaining.

We can cross that line very easily.

Often we do it without even noticing.

What started as a moment of sharing how something unpleasant affected us can soon turn into a complaint about the other person.

Or the situation.

Perhaps someone or some organization did something wrong.

And we can feel completely justified in telling the world how we feel about it.

Yet when we slip into a place of victimhood our expressing turns into complaining.

Suddenly it is no longer about how we feel.

It can quickly shift into making the other person wrong.

For there is a fine line that affects how we express ourselves.

And that line is determine by where we are coming from, internally.

Are we coming from a place of knowing that we are a creator of our life?

Or are we coming from a place where life is happening to us and we have no choice?

This sort of victim mentally is rampant in our society.

So it easy to get seduced by it and fall into that energy without knowing it.

This is why it is important for us to listen to our own words.

For what comes out of our mouths tells us where we are.

As well as the inflection we say it with.

For that fine line is determined by our inflection.

It can go one way or another so easily.

So checking in with ourselves and seeing where we are really at becomes key.

How mindful are you when you express yourself?

Can you catch yourself when you step over the line from expressing to complaining?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour