Unexpected things happen all the time.

We can respond to them in different ways.

Often, we resist them.

Yet when we can shift our view they can be beautiful.

For our resistance if often what causes us the most trouble.

It is not the fact that this unexpected event happened.

Not that we were not prepared or not able to deal with it.

It is the judgement that this unexpected thing should not have happened.

We make it wrong.

And we turn what could be an amazing opportunity into a struggle.

The opposite is also true.

If we learn to dance with the unexpected it can be a thrilling experience.

It can lead us to magic and serendipity.

We can find adventure and joy in it.

Yet it is up to us how we choose to respond to this mystery.

Of course there are unexpected situations that are challenging.

Such as health or economic threats.

This is not to say that the unexpected is never unpleasant.

Of course it can be.

Yet how many times is it only unpleasant because we make it so?

So when we shift our perspective and our way of being, the unexpected can be a gift.

It can be a an amazing chance for us to explore some unknown facet of life.

We can revel in the joy of not expecting and not knowing the outcome.

To play like little children with life's mysteries.

For how often did something unexpected work out even better than we could have planned?

How often did the unexpected situation turn into something wonderful for us?

No, perhaps not every time, but some times!

So why expect the worst of it?

How about if we always expect the best to come out of any situation, especially the most unexpected ones?

For when we do that, our whole life can shift and change for the better.

And what was once something we dredded, can turn into something we enjoy.

Our life can be filled with magic.

It is up to us to decide whether we allow that magic in.

So can you shift just a little in that direction?

Can you just see one unexpected event as something that serves you?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant