The is a very uncomfortable place for most of us.

It is a place we normally do not like to be in.

And we try to avoid it as much as possible.

Even though it is a part of our life.

We may not face it often.

And it does not come when we expect it.

It is that place of the unknown.

That space of facing something new and unfamiliar.

A place of the in between.

We don't know what is to come, and that scares us.

We haven't navigated it before, so we fear it.

And although it can be agonizing for us to be there, it truly serves us.

For the place of the unknown, anything is possible.

We can create something new.

And we can let our imagination run wild.

The challenge comes when our imagination is used against us by our fear.

This unknown place can seem scary and dangerous.

For our deepest fear and our scariest memories can come back to haunt us in the space.

Yet if we can lean into it, and learn to be just a little more comfortable with our uncomfortableness, we can find true freedom.

Freedom to express ourselves.

Of the freedom to create new solutions and new possibilities.

The unknown is a boundless place where we can find true innovation.

Yet if we allow our minds to see the worst possibilities then we squander that opportunity.

The unknown can be a beautiful place to dance and play in.

Or we can find ourselves succumbing to our doubts and traumas.

As always, it is up to us.

Do we learn to dance with the unknown or do we allow it to shatter us?

The choice is ours.

So where in your life can you learn to be a little more comfortable with the unknown?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant