There are those times when we feel down.

When life just does not feel good to us.

And we question why we are even here.

We all have those moments.

Those private, intimate moments inside of ourselves.

When we doubt and question everything.

We're not sure which way to go or what we can do next.

And those are the times to remember one important fact.

It took quite a lot for you to be born.

Of all the possible combinations of chemicals and DNA, everything came together just the right way for you to be you.

Not only that, but you are also a combination of all your ancestors who survived and had children.

You are the culmination of your family, your nation, your ethnicities, of all of it.

And for those like myself who believe in multiple lifetimes, you are also the culmination of your soul's entire spiritual path.

Let us not forget that for this planet to even exist it took a tremendous number of events to line up just the right way.

One atom off and none of us would be here.

So when we look at all the myriad of interactions and events that needed to take place in order for us to be here, it is a miracle any of us are even alive.

And when it comes to us as individuals, the Universe went through a huge amount of work to come together to make you, you.

So the Universe must think that you are a pretty good idea.

So the next time you are not sure why you are here, it might be good to remember this.

Can you image the Universe going through all that work for someone who is not worthwhile?

We are powerful beyond measure, we just forget that sometimes.

Remembering what it took for us to be alive can help remind us that we are here for a reason.

We may not know it.

We may not feel it.

Yet nonetheless, there is one.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant