To truly be vulnerable is not an easy thing.

It courage to share our deepest shame, fears, or doubts.

To tell someone our story of pain can be painful.

Yet being vulnerable is about more than just our stories.

It is about more than just our words.

Yes, it may take courage to share our tale of grief and regret.

We must truly feel safe to tell someone of our betrayal or suffering.

Yet to embrace the real qualities of being vulnerable, it takes something more.

Something far more difficult than just recounting some deep pain or sorrow.

It is about sharing our raw, naked emotions.

For when we stand up and not just tell someone how we feel, but actually show how we feel, that is truly being vulnerable.

To allow others to see us experiencing our pain, our hurt, & our shame is so much more difficult than describing it.

Real vulnerability come from our eyes and our bodies, not just our mouths.

We take it in not only through our ears, we take it in with our whole being.

And then we feel your pain, not just know your pain.

We feel your guilt, your shame, your loneliness.

That is the gift of being vulnerable.

For when we express our emotions in such a visceral manner, other feel them too.

It gives us a chance to connect.

Not only with the person sharing their vulnerability, but with ourselves.

It brings us closer together, for now we know that someone else has truly felt the same way we felt.

And that vulnerability brings us together and creates real community.

For the shared experience of someone sharing their pain for us to see is both humbling and opening for us.

It opens us up to share ourselves more fully.

We are encouraged to display how we are feeling deep inside.

And as we share with each other the sense of safety increase, and we can share even more.

This kind of vulnerability does not come easily.

It is not something we can allow ourselves to experience without safety.

Yet in community, when we are being held so compassionately, it can be the mostly healing experience of our lifetime.

To be open enough to truly show what we feeling inside is for the brave.

And the rewards for that bravery is beyond measure.

Is there something in your life you can be more vulnerable about?

Do you have someone whom you feel safe enough with to share those inner emotions?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour