Sometimes things get messy.

We lose focus and presence and we slip up.

Perhaps it is in our communications or our expectations.

Being messy is not the problem.

It is merely a symptom.

A symptom of something else.

A sign that perhaps we are distracted.

We are not being fully present.

When that happens, there is something more going on.

And that is the time to stop and ask ourselves, Why am I not present?

It is a sign to stop what we are doing and take a moment to find our center.

To ground our energy and come back to the task at hand.

If we are still not being fully present, then we have to look deeper.

Are we tired?

Have we not been taking care of ourselves?

Is there some emotion coming up that wants to be expressed?

there can be any number of reasons why we are not being present.

To find the real reason we must go back to the trigger.

What was it that caused us to first lose focus?

Was there something some said or did that threw us off?

Did we experience something that felt out of integrity or alignment?

Finding that trigger point is the start of the breadcrumb trail.

Then it is up to us to follow that trail and see where it will lead us.

Is it a familiar feeling?

Does the feeling take us back to a childhood experience?

Is the energy around the situation something we have felt before?

Finding that trail can then help us to get closer to the core of our lack of presence, and help us to regain our center.

When we know that whatever the trigger is, it is not really about what is going on in the present moment can really help.

We may not live in the past, yet we keep it alive within us by allow those triggers to bring the energy back into our lives.

Presence and true awareness can help us to move past them and live life in a new manner.

Where in your life are you being triggered?

Where does that trigger lead you?

Can you let go of that old energy and face the current situation inn a fresh way?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour