Change can be uncomfortable.

Especially when it involved our home environment.

We are used to how things are around us.

And that uncomfortableness tells us quite a bit.

Perhaps you have moved into a brand new place.

Or changed locations completely.

The familiarity with your old neighborhood is gone.

You're not sure how to get to closest supermarket, or where the local hardware store is.

Or it could be as simple as getting a new dresser and now your clothes are in different draws.

Why is that such a big deal to us?

There is something comforting about the familiar an the known.

The consistency of finding something that is always in the same place.

We get used to things being where they are supposed to be.

And when tings get moved around, changed or removed suddenly we feel anxious about it.

For somethings it is just a little anxiety.

For others it can be quite a bit.

For the neural pathways that are created in our brain settle in over time.

Change causes us to have to create new pathways in our mind.

We can no longer go on auto-pilot and find what we want.

That change takes energy.

It takes being more present.

Having more awareness of our surrounding.

It does not matter whether it is looking for a pair of socks or a post office.

Our minds like things to stay the same.

It is safer that way.

It is easier that way.

And for our own survival over millions of years, change meant danger.

So now we must evolve more rapidly.

For change is all around us and it is constant.

Our world today is not the world we evolved in of eons ago.

The more comfortable we can become with change the more we will thrive in this new world.

And that will happen more swiftly when we learn to drop out attachment to how things are.

To be open and willing to face when things are not the same.

Not to judge change or disparage it.

To accept that it is here, even when we don't like it.

And when there is a change that move us in a direction we prefer not to go, we can change that too.

The choice is ours.

We either resist change, or we accept that it is here.

Yet that acceptance does not mean we are stuck with how things are now.

We can still change them if we desire.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant