We can work at something for a long time.

Putting a lot of effort into it.

Showing up over and over again to do our work.

It may sometimes seem like we are not getting very far.

As if our progress is minimal or non-existent.

Day by day we keep at and still feel like we are getting nowhere.

That is when we begin to doubt ourselves.

Is this all just wasted effort?

The time, the money, and the energy we are investing, seems to be in vain.

We may even begin to feel like we should stop.

That maybe we made a mistake.

And that all this effort is for nothing.

If we do give up then everything we have done feels like a loss.

So we keep going.

No really knowing why we are still putting so much into the venture.

Yet we continue on the path life has put in front of us.

We have faith that somehow, someway, things will work out.

Even when we can't see how.

So we just keep going.

And just when it seems like everything we've done is about to fall apart, the magic happens.

That unforeseen event, or that chance meeting falls into our lap.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, that magic event happens.

And suddenly, almost in the blink of an eye, everything changes.

The rewards of our effort start to show up.

We begin to experience something we've been waiting so long for.

Everything suddenly makes sense.

It is as if the whole world comes into alignment.

And now we can reap what we have sown for so long.

Perhaps the benefits that come our way start as just a trickle.

Not that much to get excited about.

Yet they are an indication of where things are going.

A changing of the tide in our favor.

What started as a trickle soon turns in something a little more substantial.

All the while new opportunities and new rewards such up in the most unexpected ways.

It is hard to believe.

For after working for so long , with so little coming back to us, we got used to just putting our effort in without any result.

And now that has changed.

Now we find ourselves in the position of receiving so much.

The proverbial over night success that was years in the making.

Others only see the results we have received.

They do not remember how long and how much we put into it.

We do.

And we know that all that is now coming to us has been on its way for a very long time.

So we learn to embrace our new found riches.

They may not be physical riches.

Yet they are all the more dear to us regardless.

And if they are physical riches, we learn to enjoy they for the prize that they are.

We thank life for not letting us give up too soon.

All those who stood by us when times were lean are all given their due.

Our hearts are full with the satisfaction of now living in the abundance we created.

Although it was not so long ago we were doubting ourselves, it now feels like ages ago.

And what joy it all brings to our hearts.

So do you have something you've been working on a long time that you have yet to see the rewards of?

What can you do to give yourself the encouragement to keep going?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour