Cleaning up our environment can seem like a chore.

Whether we re looking at our home or the world.

It takes effort and time.

And these things we prize greatly.

Yet cleaning up our environment is a lot more than just about having a neat home.

Or an organized office.

Or even a planet that is not getting more toxic by the day.

Our environment is a reflection of what is going on inside of us.

It is a reflection of our unconscious mind.

So when we put the time and effort into straightening out our desk or our backyard, we actually working on our internal space as well.

More importantly, if we take on a bigger project, like cleaning up the oceans or rivers, we are cleaning up the collective unconscious.

We are working not just on our own psyche, we are also working on the psyche of the planet.

Regardless of what we are working ultimately working on, there are many benefits.

The same way it just feels good to come home to a clean house after being away for a while, it is also conducive to living better.

When we are able to find things easily we have less stress.

If our bedroom or living is comfortable, we feel we belong.

As the nature that surrounds us gets cleaner and nature thrives, it makes us feel good to be alive.

This is way paying attention to our environment is so important.

We may ignore it for a while, yet eventually if we do not take care of it the effect will be noticeable.

And as we make things cleaner not just for ourselves, but for the world at large, we can live longer and healthier.

The pollution in our environment is a call for us to clean up our minds and our bodies.

Life will thanks us when we do.

So is there some place in your life where you can start cleaning things up?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant