Letting go can be hard.

We get used to something or someone being in our life.

Their absence feels unnatural.

As if there is now a hole in our life.

Yet when we focus on the absence we miss what is actually happening in our lives.

Which is making space for something or someone new to come in.

Life is a constant flow of beginnings and endings.

It is only when something has left that there is room for something new to come in.

Like a bookcase that is full of books.

If there is no room for another book, how can we add it to our collection?

Yet if we give away a book or two to a friend, now we have room for another new book.

It is the same with the people in our lives.

We can only keep up a close friendship with so many people.

It takes time and physical presence to create a strong connection.

If our time is completely taken up with all of our existing friends, how can we make a new one?

We will naturally spend less time with an old one in order to make room for the new one who just entered our life.

It is a necessary balancing of our internal and external resources.

So while we may feel the sting of someone's absence from our life, it is also an opportunity.

Now that we have some space life can fill it with something new and unexpected.

In that void is the potential of something greater to be born.

Such as leaving one's job to start a new business.

Or moving out of one's home to change one's environment, or town.

What possibilities await us in what we used to consider a hole?

Life abhors a vacuum, and will eventually fill that void.

By keeping our hearts open to new possibilities we leave more room for life to surprise us with something amazing.

Of course, we will always grieve our losses.

And we will feel our pain and our heartbreak.

Yet on the other side of that heartbreak is something new and different.

Perhaps keeping our minds focused on that part will ease the feelings we are in.

Do you have a loss in your life that is an opportunity for something new to come in?

Can you move from the feeling of the loss to the feeling of new possibilities?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour