We all make choices in our life.

Our choices truly affect the kind of life we live.

We either live in abundance or scarcity.

It really all comes done to one thing.

You might think it is about visualization.

Or thinking positive.

Maybe you feel you have to have the perfect vision board.

And while all these things may help you to attract the kind of life you want to live, there is still one important factor we don't often think about.

Because this one aspect of life is something we take for granted and usually don't spend much time on.

It is unfortunate for this one aspect is the key that opens the door to unlock the floodgates of all we desire.

And it is probably not what you think.

Ultimately, the key to having a good life is about how much we are willing to let in.

Yes, it is about receiving.

We think we are good at receiving.

And that we allow the very things we want into our lives.

Yet do we really allow life to support us to the fullest?

When someone offers to open the door for you, do you allow them to?

If someone gives you a present, do you initially push it away or do you accept it with gratitude?

When a friend offers to do something for you, do you tell them it's not necessary? Especially when you could use the help?

These are all little indications of how good you are at receiving.

For the level of fulfillment and joy in our lives is only limited by how much we are willing to let in.

How big does a present have to be for it to feel uncomfortable for you?

That's the level of abundance you are comfortable with and life cannot bring you anything more.

Not because life is unable to manifest more, but because you are unable to allow life to give it to you.

So many of us are so uncomfortable with receiving and we do not even realize it.

Can someone throw you a big party for your birthday without you feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable?

That can be a big indicator of where you are in terms of your ability to receive.

If you want to improve your capacity to allow more good stuff into your life, start with the small things.

Let someone open the door for you.

Allow them to give you a small gift.

If they let you go ahead of them in line, just say Thank You , and mean it.

Being grateful when we receive something is best way to allow more in.

Our gratitude is a way of signaling to the universe that we appreciate the gift and we can receive even more.

So where in your life do you push away life's gifts?

Can you start to allow more into your life by learning to receive just a little more with gratitude?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour