Going on a journey is not about a destination.

Yet we often only focus on where we will end up.

We rush to get there.

Then we rush to get back.

When we do that we miss the most important part.

For there will always be more destinations.

More places to visit, more sights to see.

Sometimes, the journey ends up being something we did not expect.

It might have certain hardships or challenges we did not count on.

Or it could bring us to places that are hard for us to endure.

Journeys rarely unfold exactly the way we expect.

And that is the beauty of them.

For it is in the traveling of the path that we become something new.

Our experiences of being exposed to someplace brand new changes us in a very real way.

And the time we spent traveling from one place to another also brings out sides of ourselves we rarely see in everyday life.

This is one of the greatest gifts of take a journey.

It is in who we end up becoming in the process.

The destination is almost secondary to the journey itself.

For who we are when we leave, and who we are when we return, can be vastly different.

This transmutation is something that cannot occur when we stay home.

When we are in an environment that is safe and sound there is nothing to nudge us to grow and change.

It is only when we expose ourselves to the world we do not know that we grow and thrive.

We even learn to understand ourselves a bit better.

And discover the deepest parts of ourselves that are waiting in the shadows to be revealed.

So the most important part of going on a journey is who we become by allow ourselves to be exposed to a new environment.

This journey is one that lasts our whole lives.

Whether it is a physical journey or an internal journey, the results are the same.

We become more of who we really are.

Are you paying attention to the journey of your life?

Or are you just focused on the destination?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour