One of the most important life skills is never taught.

We don't learn it in school.

Our parents never really teach it to us.

Society in general is fairly ignorant of it.

Yet in order for us to have a fulfilling life, this one skill is so essential.

It is essential not because we can't live without it.

Or because it will make a lot of money for us.

It won't even provide us with any security.

But this one life skill is so important, so central to our well being, that we can always learn to do it better.

And that is the skill of Self Care.

Self Care is not about indulgence or being lazy.

It is not about eating ice cream or chocolate when we don't feel good.

Self Care is about truly meeting our needs in a fundamental way.

About nourishing our body, our heart, our mind and our soul.

Self Care is about knowing when one aspect is being neglected while another aspect is being pampered.

Sometimes we think that Self Care is about sitting on the couch and binge watching our favorite series.

And perhaps sometimes, it is.

Real Self Care is ultimately about taking care of ourselves in a way that allows us to thrive and flourish.

By meeting physical and emotional needs we are better able to perform at work or show up for a friend in need.

It can look very differently from one person to another.

Perhaps for one person Self Caring is about taking time to be alone and just be with oneself.

For another person it might be about hanging out with friends and connecting on personal level.

And yet for another it could be about going to a performance to satisfy their esthetic needs.

There is no one way to practice Self Care.

The key is to take care of yourself in what you truly need in the moment.

Like going to the doctor or the dentist when you are in pain.

Or getting a massage when your body aches.

Spending time in nature surrounded by the beauty of a forest, or the ocean, or mountains, or a lake, can be Self Care.

We are not taught this most indispensable skill because the previous generations did not really learn about it themselves.

They were too busy just surviving to learn what it takes to thrive.

Not thriving in a materialistic, money driven way, but in a soulful, heart driven way.

To practice Self Care is to say to life 'I am worth it!' and mean it.

It is demonstrating to your own nervous system that it is safe to be alive, and there is space for your own needs.

Imagine what the world would look like if everyone practiced true Self Care?

Perhaps there would be fewer wars, less strife, more compassion.

For when we meet our own needs by practicing Self Care, it is far easier for us to be compassionate and kind to others.

By truly taking care of ourselves, we have more space in our lives to show up in the best way possible.

The truly amazing thing is. when we really practice Self Care, life will support us and help us to keep taking better care of ourselves.

So where in your life can you learn to be better at Self Care?

Is there some aspect of your life that requires your attention and Self Care?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour